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Friday, December 07, 2012


Deb Thornton

I hear you, I am listening <3 Breathing it in and looking forward to getting there too.


i know i'm almost two months 'late' to this particular 'party' but for whatever reason (wink wink, i don't believe in coincidence) i came across this particular post today...

and i'll be damned if i didn't just about fall out of my chair in the reading it because i'm *so* here with this right now...

specifically with the part about dropping the striving/worrying/pressure, etc...

in fact, those specific words were in my journaling to/with Self (the part of me that i believe is still in direct communion with God(dess)/Higher Power/The Divine, whatever you wanna call it) this morning. i was definitely meant to see this & be here

and to know that i'm not alone. and neither are you.


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