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Thursday, June 21, 2012


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Beautiful. Simply beautiful. Thank you for always sharing YOU. Xox


Wow... and wow... and wow... and where has this blog been for my whole life? I was sent your blog by a friend. Last year I weathered a divorce and promptly dived into another relationship. Last week that relationship ended. I have struggled with trying to describe to people that I just want to be alone. I feel relationships is not what I am meant to be doing at the moment. I'm a divorcee, no kids, but I love my work, I love my dog and I love freedom. I read this post and although the anger is still present for me in the divorce I gained hope knowing one day I will be able to look back and just think "that was a good lesson learned."
I also read the '21 truths of my heart' post and wanted to squeal. Oh my gosh you are in my head :) I'm so stoked to have found your website.


Ah thank you for being ahead of me on this path. My ex and I are just starting the "estranged for a while" part (after 15 years together) and I really hope we get to the part where we're building a new friendship. Loved your "21 truths on my heart" (which I read thanks to the previous comment) as well as yesterday's post, "21 things that spontaneously flew out of my heart + fingers this morning" (which is how I found you in the first place). Thank you thank you thank you.

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