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Saturday, December 04, 2010



it baffles me how people calling themselves "christians" can be so filled with hate, fear, intolerance, ignorance.....
i certainly don't need to tell you that it's "ok" to let people go & be out of our lives. it has happened to me & i'm sure to all of your readers. i'm sorry for the pain this person caused you. let's send her light-- sounds like she needs it!

Lynne MacDonald

I think your childhood friend is uncomfortable with who she is, maybe not with who you are. She thinks she has the answer and wants to impart that answer to others who do not share it, but like you said, what does it matter how we live our lives as long as we are doing our best. If she was truly comfortable in her own skin she would not have behaved that way towards you and she would have been able to listen and learn something from the path that you have taken.

Samosas ForOne

You go, Carla.

Account Deleted

I'm late to this party (sorry, I'm a newcomer). I've been put in your uncomfortable position on many occasions as I reside right smack in the middle of the bible belt and my beliefs sometimes rub folks the wrong way. Not sure why as I'm a good person and believe in being good to others, creatures and our planet. But, whatever... I still believe what my heart tells me. As you should always follow your heart regardless of those nasty potholes in the road of life. Much love and light to you.

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