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Sunday, July 25, 2010


Olivia Brown

Oh, I hear you, Carla. EVERYTHING is just for now. Everything is fragile and transient. This is the beauty and the hardship of life. I feel this so keenly too. Yet one more reason to live in and to appreciate the present moment.

I am so glad that you have custody of Silas. This too is temporary. I know, it's so hard.

Since Flint, my last dog, died, I've been dogless. No one understands this, since I love animals so much. I feel happy and just fine with it because I have had my last loss of this type. I go on in a different (but not better) phase of life without dogs but glad for everything I had and glad for this new season. The time may come again for me to have a dog but it is not now.

Enjoy the poignancy of every moment you spend with Silas and lap up every bit of love he offers--absorb everything he has to teach you (I know you will). I am so happy for you, mourn with you, glad you are not alone, in any way.

Love, O


Hi Carla, I received my shipment of candles today. Thank you so much. You had mentioned in an earlier post that you packing your orders with tears in your eyes, so this package is extra special for sure. Again I'm so sorry for your loss. I've had many sudden losses in my life & it doesn't get easier. But I've learned the importance of taking care of myself, expressing myself to others & facing my reality with honesty helps. Sounds like you are doing all that too. May you find peace in each day, alane

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