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Thursday, July 08, 2010


Olivia Brown

Carla, I think that you are not abnormal or missing anything. I think grief is just this hard. And the more the love the more the grief. It is so hard, no one can even say. I don't know why it is a part of our life here on earth, but it is. If you keep doing what you can, memorializing Lucy each day as you see fit, and getting through the day with the help of those who love you--you can not do more, nor should you. It is perfectly, perfectly normal. You are where you should be although it's still a lonely, bereft and horribly painful place. We go there when we love...or our loved ones do when we die.

Life is not all shiny or easy, although many say this. And despite all the support and love, I think we always grieve alone. Even while caring for others who have experienced the same loss (like Silas), we go through it mostly alone.

Most of all, you are not missing anything. You are just alive and you love, and this is what happens. I hate it too.

Much love, O


Please know that even in those quiet dark moments when the tears feel like they will never stop, many people have you in thier thoughts, hearts and wrapped in thier arms.

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