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Sunday, November 08, 2009



Absolutely. Positively. Cool. I'll read it too. I can't wait! Peace, love, blessings, joy, and more, O

Kathryn Knoll

You could let the Holy One write the book through you. Everyday at the same time, sit at the computer and take dictation. Start by asking the question: Okay,God, what do you want people to know today? Trust what you get. It'll be awesome!

Samosas for one

I would read it!

Joyce Blazek

Oh Carla, you have so many amazing gifts. I'm thrilled that you are making a commitment to your writing. Stephanie, thanks for letting God speak through you.


I'll read it too!
Yay for clear messages!


Carla, I am new to your blog, but I truly enjoy how you present your thoughts and feelings. Write the book!


Carla, you are one amazing human being. The fact that you are now willing to share more of you in a more-formal setting--a book--is a great joy for me to learn of this morning.

I can't wait.


Hi, Carla,
It's Thanksgiving day and I'm procrastinating about making the oyster casserole. Funny you wrote this at the beginning of November, National Novel Writing Month. I write a "book" every year and it's awesome. www.nanowrimo.org I'd say keep the faith but it's clear that you already do. (Taos) Emmy

Jane Rourke

It's good to check in here again, Carla! I say "Go for it" with the book. I think when we get a calling to do something, no matter how outlandish it may seem at first, that it is the very thing we are supposed to follow.

Jane Rourke

Hi Carla! I haven't been around in a while but it's always nice to come back! Many years ago, I had this strong message from God/Universe that I was supposed to write a book. Of course I ignored it because I had no clue how to write or what I was even supposed to write about. Really, it was laughable! Fast forward now. I do know what I need to write about and share with the world. I've even started playing around with some of the rough outline. Never in my whole life have I ever received a similar shove from the Universe like my call to write. I hope you listen to your callings too. I would definitely read your book!

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