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Thursday, July 23, 2009


Kathryn Knoll

Now that's the kind of dancing I'm talking about at God's party! Thank you for sharing this great fun!

Michele Bailey-Lessirard

Oh that was soo sweet and real. Thanks for sharing it..even the ministers bopping around dancings. Loved it.


this was a great morning riser! thank you for sharing.


ha ha the LAST kind of post i was expecting at zena musings but thanks - what joy and fun!

glow brightly,
-Pat in WA


Come to my blog. I thought of you when writing my post about the wedding ring.

Gen K

that is freakin' awesome!!!
I want to do that for our 5 year celebration! :) lol

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Fantastic clip! Very very very funny!! I'm just think it's better me to see the movie before I married. I'm shore my wedding entrance could be different from the standard.

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