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Monday, June 01, 2009



How beautiful, Carla. Simply beautiful. Elliott will always be with you. In your heart. In your dreams, often. Says the voice of experience---my dog Winston. Love, O


What a beautiful gift...thank you for sharing this story!!!


Oh Carla! You are so good at making me smile--I LOVE that about you! I have a quote about coincidences: Coincidences are God's way of remaining anonymous. Also, you must see the movie UP. As Mike said, "The dogs steal the show!"


so beautiful :-) i feel the same way about the double flowering plum tree we planted for our boys, it is in full bloom even though its not supposed to bloom the first year and i feel grateful for this gift.

love to you, xooxox


Carla -
I miss and celebrate Elliott, too. My cats are not pets (at 36 years of age, I got my first "pets" and discovered that they are children, loved ones, connectors to so much love. I dread the days they will leave me).

I Love to you and am loving you today and always. C.

Kathryn Knoll

that you were paying attention and noticed is also awesome! So many things can distract the mind these days. Your helpers in spirit, including Elliot are always hoping you'll notice their messages and winks.


I am just visiting .. the random clicking away moments, and I love how you noted God tickling and showing off a bit ,

I am going to read through some of your posts, but I think the Sacred Sunday idea is truly beautiful, and a good discipline on the journey of living mindfully and gratefully.

I will follow the prompts to link up. I usually don't post on Sunday's
but since I haven't been getting to church... this works for me.
Thank you

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