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Thursday, May 28, 2009



Or one baby-gimp at a time? ;)

Did I ever tell you I second (or third or whatever) Self Respect for that quote? I doubt it matters now...just sayin'.


These are awesome! Congrats on your baby steps. :) I need to be more charitable toward myself too and remember that even baby steps are steps. You inspire me. :)

Jennifer Louden

I'm burning two of your candles every morning while I write! Love you!


love the new themes and scents. i'm off to order now!!


Love the Sarah Ban Breathnach quote...I'll be ordering that one!! Thank you!

Kathryn Knoll

Sometimes our creativity expresses itself without words. Your candles are your creative expression. Your candles are your blog! Hugs...


They're gorgeous, Carla. Good work.


these sound fabulous. I gave away 4 candles at my last retreat, and people mused over the zena musings on them, Screw Perfection especially got a few chuckles over the meanings of screw. On my desk right now are Just Do It and Be Bodacious, so I will focus on getting my own work out there and stop paying so much attention to "house" work.
luv your new candles, especially YOga one,

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