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Thursday, February 26, 2009



love the 10 tips and seeing you here again and yummy new candles are always a good thing :) xox


It's wonderful to see you "back" Carla, although you were never REALLY gone, totally; I've followed your journey over the last two years with great interest, respect, awe, and love. I'll be thrilled to be hearing more about you. Peace, love, and continued growth and blessing, O


:) You so inspire me to embrace the beauty in each day! I love getting glimpses into you ever increasing life and cheer you on sister! Date, love, embrace and flirt away my friend. Life is so good.


Beautiful! It is so inspiring to hear of people like you living their life out loud and loving every second of it!


It is wonderful to have you back! I've followed your journey since very near the beginning and I've rather missed you online presence. It is so good to hear you happy.


Hello Zena, I haven't visited in quite awhile but today (Sunday for me) I have decided to begin Sacred Sunday again.

as to the grieving process, my internet friend Daisy died nearly two years ago and just this month, I realized that I was now finally at the end of the grieving process. It took that long. There was no way I could rush it and truly I never thought I would get through it. There is no set time for grieving, I have learned that.
so glad your life is full of love and life now! enjoy xo

Pamela @ A Touch of Inspiration

I discovered Zena Musings not so long ago and started participating in Sacred Sunday. I look forward to getting to know you because I can see that you are a beautiful soul.


Your quote made me cry. Something happened yesterday and today again I feel like I have to start all over again and so your quote really hit home.


lovely to see you back, dear carla - i've missed you!! :o) xoxox

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