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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Kathryn Knoll

For a long time now I have known that the Holy One walks past me or steps through my door in the most unlikely guises. I pray I'm paying attention, so as not to miss a moment of grace and blessing! I tend to be so clueless...

V of the 4 eyes

What a beautiful quote...thank you for sharing it and helping inspire The generation of the divine.

Sister Cathy

Carla what a great reminder of who we are - is this quote from Weight of Glory?


This was so beautiful that I had to pass it around facebook yesterday to everyone I know. I'm going to be printing it for my fridge as a daily reminder!


yes....a hundred times....yes.
thank you for the reminder.


zena, it's my first visit here and I am really loving your blog!

CS Lewis points us repeatedly in a spiritual direction. Being human is NOT simply an equation of a body and mind....there is spirit here as well.

How often we forget it though, which says we're not just spirit; we're also human.

Thanks for a provocative opening for my day.


And my sprit bows to yours. Namaste.

Girl Bohemian

Simply beautiful.

I'm new to your blog but am already in love and looking forward to more~

You are an inspiration~

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