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Friday, November 07, 2008



Where do you get your pumpkin spice for your milk from? That sounds yummy! I make cardamom and cinnamon milk. I reviewed The Visitor on my blog. It was wonderful.


I loved that Country Camper! Your Barbies and my Barbies would have gotten along really well.
Love this meme - I did it, too.


Loved the meme - I had a go too! (LOL I just wrote I had a god too tee hee)


what a fun meme... more than half of your answers were totally in sync to how i would answer, including the custom made barbie furniture made from all sorts of crazy things i could find around the house, a skill i have passed along to my own daughters :)


I'll do this over the weekend (hope I remember!)


I made houses out of cardboard for my Barbies as well, and they were also my favorite toy!:)


It sounds like you live straight from your heart and that is so very important! I've got to find some of that pumpkin spice for my soy milk, sounds delicious!


I had that same Barbie camper! Oh, the hours we'd spend setting things up, changing their clothes and going on dates!

Thanks for the very fun meme!

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