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Sunday, September 21, 2008



lovely to see you back and looking well and happy :o)
i'm sure we'd all love to work at zena moon!!

Cousin Christine

Is that Kegley Shue? from Daddy Tony Shue? My bro's best friend? What a small world. I hope Colleenie Jellie Beenie goes to college here in Boise with all my heart! Glad you are well. Miss and love you, Cuz.

Sara Moriarty

I am pretty new to the whole blogging thing, so I might be totally off the mark regarding your question about auto-updating your Sacred Life Sunday participants list. If so, please excuse me. ;) But... over at Creative Everyday (www.creativeeveryday.com) the participants are encouraged to link their blog/site to a widget and then their name is automatically put on a list of links. Then the sites' creator, Leah Piken Kolidas, asks for the participants to post a comment (not sure why). The site for the widget is www.misterlinky.net/blog/. When I followed the link for the widget, posted on Creative Everyday, I was brought to a blog where you can then navigate to their main site. If this is what you are looking for I would suggest that you go to www.creativeeveryday.com and shoot Leah an email. No doubt she can explain this better! Plus she is a beautiful, creative, warm woman- a pleasure to know. So... I hope that helps. I will be participating in Sacred Life Sunday and applaud you for starting it. I am blessed when I find sites like yours, and Leah's, that help me connect with myself and my creativity and put me in the presence of such authentic, wonderful spirits. Thank you to the moon. ~Sara

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