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Wednesday, September 24, 2008



Thank you Carla....this post is like a fresh drink of water to me.


I've felt so helpless and hopeless recently with all of the attention, mania, and accolades given to "he and she who must not be named"; however, Anne Lamott's A Call to Arms reminds me, just in time before I resign to compete dispair, that our collective efforts to change history WILL impact the outcome of this election. Become engaged, give up your next few cups of latte' and donate the money to the Obama campaign.



I understand that she is a great writer, and I agree with everything she says except I hope the "shoot wolves" statement is tongue-in-cheek. The Bush Administration has done everything it can to gut the Endangered Species Act.

Sister Cathy

thanks Carla - was refreshing and so needed - did you hear a CNN commentator call our president - a highfunctioning moron last night - too funny if not so real - keep up the great posts

Thank you so much for just what I needed to read this morning! I've been feeling like I'm watching a bad movie turned nightmare the past weeks, especially with my husband being in Iraq right now fighting a war for these "highfuctioning morons".

He does what he does for his fellow soldiers caught up with him in this mess, for those at home he loves, for the people in this country who believe there is hope.

That hope is so well spoken of in your post! This is why we live the life we do as a military family, for the hope!!

We sure don't live this life for the morons in Washington!

Kathryn Knoll

I find great comfort in imagining Obama being sworn into office as President Obama, and follow that image with seeing He and Michelle and the two girls walking around the West wing, running on the White House lawn being the first family. I makes me feel so happy! I just flow those pictures whenever I need a boost. See it, believe it. We are almost there! Then, I white Light the whole thing. Amen....


LOL ... I'd be Can Lightning ...

Seriously ... Obama is the new hope.


Imelda /GreenishLady

Because it is your country, not mine, I haven't been making comments about the election, but I find this post so moving in its passion that I have to say - because, after all, it is OUR world, too - I hope lots and lots of people take your words to heart. ... {and I tried, I did, to discover my personal baby-name but couldn't get it! Oh, well...)

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