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Sunday, July 27, 2008



Wow, to come from a line of strong, loving women---what a precious gift! I like this picture a lot, too! In sacredness, O xxoo


:) you are all so beautiful .. what a lovely photo :)

Gail B

Treasure those moments. . .sounds like you already have. AND you all look so much younger than your age. Good genes! Hope you had a wonderful reunion with lots of stories passed on.


How blessed you are!


Kate I

What a wonderful photograph of the three of you Carla...you'll treasure this for years to come! Strength, joy and true beauty shining through.


It's a beautiful photo! Blessed indeed.. how wise you all are. :) Peace!


How beautiful! I have forgotten about Sacred Life Sunday postings these past couple of months - too much going on and yet it was at those times I needed to remember the sacred in my life - like how lucky I am to still have my mum and grandma to turn to and love! What a beautiful photo and reminder for not just you but all your readers!! Thanks for sharing xx

Imelda /GreenishLady

That's so wonderful - to have your mother and grandmother with you. That line is so precious and special. I love that the 3 of you had that photo together. Reminds me to go find out who has the photo of my grandmother, mother, sister and neice - 4 generations - taken many, many years ago.


What an awesome group shot! I'm sure people tell your mother this all the time: she looks so young!!

Cousin Christine

Carla - Why don't you blog anymore? I miss even your weekly updates. Christine


Just beatufiul!



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