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Friday, July 11, 2008



You're going to be awesome! Good luck!

Gail B

No matter what happens. I'm impressed and you can be very proud of yourself for exposing yourself in so many ways! ;) Just have fun and enjoy a body that is able to do these things. Yeh for you!

island Girl Spirit

I would have lots of anxiety too Carla, but I'm envious that you are doing it . . . while I sit on my couch with "Ben & Jerry" . . . because of my fear of "doing it".
I had a Phoenix Rising session this morning and what came up for me was fear and freedom.
Fear is my Ego . . . Freedom is me doing what I want to do and being me for me . . . My Ego tells me "clothes and bare skin are a vulnerable proposition" while freedom tells me A triathlon will be fun to try, the training for it will get me in better shape, it will be an awesome accomplishment, and who the hell cares but me!
And just think, next time you won't be the newbie . . .
it's just like walking through the doors of A.A. that first time . . .
Good luck and I am really PROUD of you! Kel

Kate I

I'm cheering for you girl! I have so much admiration for you for doing this. You'll be brilliant!


I'm so very excited for you. Good energy coming your way across the miles :) P


Go Carla!! Just participating is fantastic - you'll be fine.


Hooray for boob support! And just think - you're DOING this - anything past that is icing on the cake.


Frankly Carla, the only thing that people are going to see as you wiz by is a strong and beautiful woman who is doing something that so many of us have never done, and may never do! Enjoy your day girl! You're a rock star!


you are such an inspiration and i will be routing for you tomorrow (albeit it from afar!) ... you can so do it!!

: )

you are so beautiful and amazing!!


OMG, I so agree with Monique! You are amazing Miss Carla!

I'll be thinking about you all day tomorrow--before, during, and after. I'll be cheering you along in every way.

And I can hardly wait for the follow-up post. Wow! What a woman!

Kathy K.

Have a great time, Carla! Enjoy the day and the process and be proud of your accomplishments.

Carla Sonheim

Wow. That's all I can say!!

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