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Monday, June 30, 2008



sounds like so much fun ~ happy for you that you got to experience one of your dreams and that it was so wonderful :)

Annie Binns

Uh, yeah... with a bike like that how could it have NOT rocked!!! WOW. When I saw the picture at the top of the post I thought, "Dykes on BICYCLES?? Wierd." LOL. I love that you kept the dream alive for 17 years. I don't even remember 1991. I know it came after 1990 ...


I'm so happy for you! Now I wish I had seen the Seattle Pride Parade! Up here in Alaska there is not a lot of opportunity to have gay pride parades or anything.. if we do have anything like that it is very small and usually far away from where I live lol.


looks like a blast!!! and you totally looked like a rock star!


I'm happy for you, too, Carla! It sounds like a perfect day in every way. Here's to finishing your list, and to always having more dreams on your list, too. xxoo, O

Martha Garvey

I have two favorite Pride moments this year. One was when I was in Washington, just meandering, and I kept running into folks wearing a sticker that read, "Action is HOT."

The other is when my husband and I were driving through midtown New York DURING the Pride parade, and I got to see this big ass float for one of the local synagogues--everyone on the float doing the hora around a glittery Star of David.

To quote Mr. Sulu (the fabulous George Takei), "May equality live long and prosper."

Kate I

This looks like SO much fun! Way to go Carla that you held on to your dream for so many years and lived the dream in the biggest, boldest, kick assed way!

island Girl Spirit

WOO HOO! Way to go Carla sounds like it was a blast!
"Wild Women don't get the Blues" baby! Keep on dancing that dance and living those dreams! Kel


Way to go Carla!!! I could hear your excitement... keep on dreaming! Nicole


how wonderful!!! i sooooo enjoyed the slideshow :o) and sissinghurst is on my wishlist - along with charleston, the bloomsbury set's home down the road from there - maybe we can visit together one day???

The Lady Prism

ha!ha!ha! to the shirt!...OoooOoooo sounds like so much fun..and it's so cool to read about someone who actually took a part in it!


Damn, but I would have loved to check out Seattle Pride. Loved the photos, loved the post:)


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