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Sunday, March 02, 2008



My Winston crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 12-38-96 and I still think of him often. I dream of him even more often (several times each month). He will always be a part of me. It was due to him that I learned what love felt like.

I remember when Elliott died. It feels like it was just a short while ago.

He will always be with you. You were so blessed to have him for so long.

Sacred Sunday Blessings,


Beverly Keaton Smith

I never understood the appeal of dogs. I was a full blooded cat person. Then, Buddy dropped into my life. As I write these words, he jumps on the bed and licks my face. It is as if he knows what I wrote! He has been a huge source of love, joy, laughter and play. Oh yea, there has been some frustration too. New glasses, new computer cords, shoes....but he's worth it. Sometimes I jump to the future and wonder how I will cope when the day comes that we part but I pull myself back to the present very quickly. I don't want to miss one second with him. I truly believe our beloved pets stay with us forever. This kind of love does not end.

Kathryn Knoll

In Dog (goD spelled backwards)we trust! I have no doubt, too, Carla, that Elliot only wore a dog suite and played the role of a dog because, well sometimes, it's harder to learn the unconditional love part of the game when the player looks like us. It's so much easier to do a bunch of projection and stuff like that. Our expectations for people get harsh at times. But dogs, shoot, they're another animal altogether and so if there are communication issues, we have an excuse. They get away with so much more than we'd let a human get away with. They get to stay our babies forever, whereas our kids have to grow up and be responsible and stuff. I think maybe Dogs are in our lives to let us off the hook a bit with our heavy handed expectations of ourselves and each other. No matter what is going on, they know how to love us through it all. It is just such a relief. My friend on the other side says God often comes near us in a dog suit. She may be right.


I think my husband said it well of our beloved 3 year old dog Roxie, "I come home and she takes all the badness away."

There's no denying the grief that comes with the loss of physical presence. I will also hold the thought that you will meet again.



There's nothing quite like a long-time relationship with a dog. My first ever was Ralph (a 'Heinz 57 pooch' of 11 lbs - small but mighty! 1970-1986), then Charly (a Beagle mix 1972-1988), and Zonker (Keeshond Terrier mix/MOOSE!!! 1986-2001). Each holds a special piece of my heart as I share my life with Molly (3 year old Labrador Retriever). We are blessed indeed to call these fur-critters friend!
Hugs and blessings,

Kim Campbell

What an adorable photo. Elliott will be there with open paws when the time comes, along with any other fur babies. I truly believe that.


What a beautiful post! Some of the animals that have been in my life and have passed still hang around in spirit, but sometimes all you want is a real hug!

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