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Sunday, March 23, 2008



Yay for pink, for visits, (my husband would concur with you on the yay for March Madness), and for friends, and most of all Yay for kisses!


What a list! Kissing in Portland?...(sigh)...it's where the love of my life began... Enjoy! :)


yes, hooray for kisses! :-) xoxo


yes, hooray for kisses! :-) xoxo


What a great post, Carla! I needed to read about rebirth and joy and spine-tingling kissing. I've been through alot since Easter Sunday and it feels good to read some inspiring words!

kelley kelley

hey there miss carla~i haven't written in a while, but i have been reading away :) i am tagging you for the “Excellent Blog” Award. Your honesty, bravery and soulful sharing here is amazing~You rock girlfriend!
Ox Kelley


Hi Carla-
Glad to read that things are well for you! Final four this weekend - yeah Baby! UCLA is SO gonna rock da house! Granted, I would prefer UNC, but that Kevin Love is hot right now. Spine tingling kisses - ooh lala!!! Weeeeeeeee!

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