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Sunday, March 16, 2008


Kathryn Knoll

This just sounds like a full life of enjoying to me. And that's what you should do. Back in the early days of Sophia Center we had a woman on our board who had accomplished being able to get a rare incurable kidney cancer to go into remission because she decided not to do anything in life she really didn't want to do. Everyday when she got up she just did what she loved and what gave her pleasure and a sense of purpose. Miracles happen that way, so, sounds like you are on your way to many new miracles. In this time of new life and new beginnings, why not join the cosmos in celebrating life! keep us posted now and then.Hugs K


Oh yeah, toast and jam. It doesn't get much better than that.

liz elayne

these sound like wonderful places to be giving your passion to...

we have the blessings candle burning on the altar tonight.

thinking about you!


Okay i need some toast with jam now...yum


Yah, yah, jam, yah, bread, yah, triathalon yah

When you postin' an ass shot???


Angie D

I just took a peak of your 365 Days self-portrait project. What a great concept! I love taking pictures of everyone else... but it would be extremely difficult to take photos of myself.

Have a super weekend!


I'm thinking of that line in "When Harry Met Sally" when they're in the restaurant and someone says, "I'll have what she's having!". Seriously Carla, it sounds like you are in such a calm, centered and focused place with yourself. It is truly inspiring :)

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