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Tuesday, March 25, 2008


patti digh

Your gorgeous, amazing, soulful, beautiful, surprising, delightful candles are worth every single penny, no matter what the price.


It's great that you are willing to offer the explanation you did, Carla, but I have to admit I like Patti's explanation better!

Still a bargain, even if the price had to go up so that you could still afford to make them!


Hi Carla! I work for a small, caring, compassionate company. For 6 years we have tried to give the best quality possible and keep the pricing down. But life is what happens while we're doing business. Prices have to go up. We found that our loyal customers have hardly said a word when we have to increase. Your product looks amazing and your heart and soul are so reflected in your business. I adore the concept of "Island of Misfit Candles"!!!

Lots of love and light to you..


I'm always meeting women from the Island of Misfit Online Dates ... and man, lemme tell you, the emotional price hikes have been BRUTAL.

But enough about me, you gotta do what you gotta do to stay solvent in today's candleworks environment, gone are the days of drunken wax executives on Lear jets groping the muscular yet tentative thighs of their hot secretaries, gone are the days of the wax.com booms where every venture capitalist had a scented candle perched precariously on the dash of his/her Lexus convertible next to a coke spoon, gone indeed are the days where kids all wanted to grow up and be butchers, bakers or candlestickmakers.

Babe, charge what you gotta charge. We'll burn a light for you.

/cracks self up


I'm with ya - will be placing an order sooooon.

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