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Sunday, February 03, 2008


kelley kelley

recent joys from my little corner of the world:
1. Giants winning the Superbowl!
2. Fun kitty photo shoots
3. Long phonecalls with hubby while he's away
4. Guilt free time off from work
5. Riding the 4 wheeler in the snow
6 Sacred Life Sunday
...have a glorious week miss Carla!
ox kelley kelley


My most-recent joy was to read a bedtime poem to a friend without even knowing I was doing so!

Your comment left me with a wide grin on my face last night, Carla. Thanks for that.


I got to place my first order with you last week. A candle for writing for my friend and I. Also a Namaste candle for a new friend.

Allowing good stuff in without planning or mindf*cking it to death.

Understanding to my toes that the Universe is conspiring to shower us all with blessings.

Remembering my best dog pal Oscar via a really really good movie called 'Year Of The Dog' -- I miss him daily but I also feel he is with me.

Here is a review:


One last thing, I hope you get this, a few
months ago I emailed the nun you are friends with and never heard a reply. I want to connect with her and ask questions and learn. Is it possible for you to pass my email address onto her>

liz elayne


my recent joys...
warm in my pjs
hot cocoa with whipped cream
chocolate chip pancakes
starting to crochet my first afghan
unravelling three long rows of that afghan and just knowing it is a meditation
wishing for snow

peace and light to you beautiful girl...


my recent joys,
a warm cup of almond milk and chai spices
time to cozy up with my computer
reading your beautiful words
enjoying my new blog space
sunlight sparkled on snow


I have a little something for you on my other blog - waiting for you to pick it up.
You'll find it at http://ordinarylifemagic.blgspot.com
Think of it as a valentine... :)


Great post Carla! Thank you for reminding me of the joy in every day. Latley, I'm waist high in crap and it's so important to be grateful. My 5 things of joy this week:

1. my children
2. my best friends who love and support me
3. a hot bath with bubbles with my daughter
4. a new journal created
5. my son was invited to come play with a friend (monumental, since he has Aspergers and tends to have no friends)

Have a lovely Tuesday, lovely soul!

Kikipotamus the Hobo

Some of my recent joys are:
giving away books I'm done with
a big snow storm tonight
having dinner by myself at a Greek restaurant in spite of the snow storm
starting a new book that makes me laugh and cry on the same page
hearing from an old friend after 30 years
finding out that old friend used to have "the biggest crush" on me

Kate Robertson

I've just given you the make my day award. See my blog for details.



Imelda / GreenishLady

Going to visit a friend who's been making a slow recovery from surgery to discover she's making music again, joined a book-club, looking to the future with hope and positive energy;... meeting new-to-me bloggers; ...hearing from my son (when he's not looking for recipes or advice - just wanting to chat);...Sue Monk Kidd's "Dance of the Dissident Daughter"


I love Anne Sexton. She started writing poetry on the suggestion of her psychiatrist. Brilliant stuff, sad stuff, but this one has to be one of her most optimistic.

Paula - Buenos Aires

Loved the last line!

My list can be found here: http://keepitsimplemakeitgreat.blogspot.com/2008/02/joys.html :)


Carla, I just stumbled onto your Blog and what a wonderful spirit you have! Thank-you.
My recent joys: your Blog, playing with my Dog, the days getting longer, alone time- tonight, snow day tomorrow!
And, thinking about joining Sacred Sunday!


very cool photo Carla...I like the creativity you put into photographing you!

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