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Sunday, February 24, 2008



That feels right on Carla...and surely you know...you are already a star!


I do just the same thing. Got some favorite decks, some tarot, some just neat cards to meditate on. So long as they are pretty artsy, I'm happy with them.

I really enjoy reading here. *smiles*


Happy Monday Carla!

I love that message on the card!

Sr. Cathy

wow Carla - have been thinking and praying for and with you - the guidance you posted sure fit me too - we are all so ONE and interconnected - let us just await with faith and hope all the transformation that is right now - all for our wellbeing and that of the planet - you are loved and delighted in each and every moment - all my love and admiration - Cathy

Sr. Cathy

Dear Carla - you are right on track - great guidance and love from all that is - ONENESS - I too share in your light and love - thank you for staying on the path - we are so united in Love and Faith - much love all ways - Cathy

Kathryn Knoll

Wow, Carla, that's like being hit on the head by what I call a "velvet hammer."We are all witness to the tests the Universe has sent your way. The fact that you even keep getting up in the morning to face another day is a test to your strength and your willingness. Now, comes the really good part where you get showered with good things! Don't forget, we all have your mailing address, any one of us could be part of the "showering" and the "awashment!"Right gang? You are a Hera (fem.form of Hero)May your heart and hands be open when the goodies come.Blessings,sr.k


can you tell what tarot deck that is from? I've not seen that one.

Thank you.


Oh I just love picking a card for the day!! Your card is very beautiful - what deck is it from?

Kikipotamus the Hobo

...time of rebirth and joy? Right on!


Wow ... 'new hope and fulfillment' ... awesome times indeed! Thanks for sharing.
Hugs and blessings,

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