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Sunday, February 10, 2008



OH! I want puppy kisses! How wonderful to have a new friend in the work place...and such a cute one too...Gemma, you don't know how lucky you are to get to know Carla. You're in good hands to be sure! ;)

All my love Carla for you today, and lots of kind and inspired thoughts toward the journey that you're on now. I'm excited to see how far you'll be flying the years to come.



I am so happy that this day was not difficult for you and you were able to realize that you are in a much better place. Congratulations! I'm sure you have grown so much more this past year than you ever dreamed possible. Congratulations, again.

Cousin Christine

Carla - What a nice post. Gemma is adorable. Not being an overbearing Nanny or anything...but did Colleen tell you that they had to put their Golden Retriever Bailey (BayBay) down last Monday? The sweet, sweet doggie has been in Colleen's life since she was a baby and I think she is in some denial (and physical illness) about her loss. I have never lost a pet, and I cannot, CANNOT imagine and am dreading the pain. Please hugg my Collaweenie Jella Beenie for me. Talk soon, Cuz


Wow, Carla! That the dreaded anniversary was a terrific day for you shows the profound growth you've experienced this past year! I am soooooo proud of you! And totally delighted to have you living in Spokane. Blessings, Mama

Kathryn Knoll

puppy kisses and along with that, puppy breath, nothing like it! I'd call that a wink from Spirit.


this so made me smile and smile and then smile some more ... i need me some puppy kisses and happily i will be getting some this spring :) xo


What a cutie patootie! I think that is a great idea, no relationships for a year. It's a good way to clear you mind and energies of all the negativity. Wish I had done that after my divorce!


there is nothing much better than sweet puppy breath!!!


first off... holy moly that puppy is cute! It's a little ridiculous! :)

Secondly, I really needed to hear this:

"Life is good when I focus on the good.
Life is great when I sink into God's lap and trust."

Thank you. I am truly nourished by your blog. :)

Kikipotamus the Hobo

PUPPY KISSES. Life is good, isn't it?


I'm so glad you had a happy, kissy sort of joyful day today!
Many more blessings,


so glad you had such agood day and that all is well



Oh Goodness!
The puppy love is beyond words and filled with abundant blessings!!

You are an awesome work of art yourself, girl!!


Puppy Kisses! Definitely Sacred! And 1 year anniversary's! In recovery I was told and in life I have found, the first is always the toughest to get through! The first of everything without whatever! Good for you Carla, rejoice and enjoy. After my divorce in 89' it was recommended to me to take a one year sabbatical, to focus on myself and my recovery . . . It ended up being 10 . . . my choice, and although I had many lonely moments, I grew so much, spent time being a Mom to my little girl, got a Bachelors degree, and formed some really strong relationships with my women friends. Keep dancing the dance your on! "Goddess Bless"! And thanks again for all the sacredness!


I understand the joy of receiving puppy kisses every since Buddy came into my life...He's got to be the most outwardly affectionate animal ever! Never thought I'd become a cat AND dog person!


The little nipper already has a gray chin... she'll age well. How'd Lucy handle the possible usurper?


Ah ... there's absolutely nothing like puppy kisses (as I was reminded last week when a lost puppy wandered into my life briefly) and I love, love, love the reminder:
"Life is good when I focus on the good.
Life is great when I sink into God's lap and trust."

Wow -- it took me three years to get divorced and move on with MY life. Congrats on making the most of this past year.
Hugs and blessings,

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