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Tuesday, February 12, 2008



You are gorgeous! Stunning photograph, Carla.

When I was nine and got my Dorothy Hamill haircut, I use to wear my Mom's wigs. I'm glad she was a hairdresser back then and I didn't have to use our curtains. They were not the nicest of colors and terribly heavy. (:

I send you warm summertime breezes and South Pacific sunshine. Ready for New Zealand in 09? Whoo-hoo!


That is a STUNNING photo Carla! You are so beautiful...I'm glad that you have 365 ways of exploring it ;)


This is good, Carla. Very good.

Kathryn Knoll

Wow! awesome photo. A sense of mystery and at the same time power, allure, vulnerability. It is "otherworldly" This could be some woman living in another country and the photo taken by someone from the National Geographic folks. More! A new direction in your work perhaps?

liz elayne

this photo is incredible...i am struck by the many possible feelings and moments captured here.

the personification of beauty.


Determined. It's in your amazing eyes!


You know, Carla, I was convinced at least twice previously that I had seen the best-ever, real Carla portrait: once was a photo of you with Sister Katherine, and once was in the bathroom of your childhood.

Now, here, I know I was wrong.

Wow! This is so you, I don't have the words.


My mistake--I meant the photo of you with Sister Cathy!

Regardless of my own ineptitude, you are mega-cool, Carla!

Did I mention gorgeous? No? Oh...include that, too...


Wow, I think I know your face well, but this photo is a new side of you! Awesome. You should post a photo of you as a little girl with your pixie haircut (which prompted you to wear a towel and swing your head pretending to have long hair!


Lovely ... just lovely, and so brave of you to explore yourself in this pictorial manner. Thanks for sharing.
Hugs and blessings,


I'm smiling ear to ear over here! Now why didn't I ever think of using curtains as a little girl??!

Happy Wednesday Carla!

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