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Tuesday, January 08, 2008



Your start to this post, "...the crazy woman who shovels snow in her pajamas and winter coat", reminded me of the lady in my neighborhood who was trying to clear the gutter in front of her sidewalk so that the melting snow would flow down instead of pooling. This was on Saturday, and it was about 1 pm. She was in pajamas and her robe.

The funny thing was, she glared at me as I drove by, as if I were some sort of peeping Tom for looking at her. I just grinned. After all, how seriously can you take someone in a bathrobe and pajamas when they are hacking away at ice in front of their house?

At least, Carla, you had sense enough to wear your winter coat! (grinning, again)


amen to a quiet life, carla! move at your soul's pace... xx


I sure have missed coming by! I'm glad to be back. The last few months in 2007 were just crazy and exhausting leaving me little time to blog. I relate to that expression "creative emptiness". I just keep putting my creative intentions out there and hope that 2008 will bring some new opportunities. Happy New Year and have fun on that Match thing :)


You are so my inspiration! I am transitioning this year from my second career as a massage therapist, to a full time artist and writer, and simple living girl! Slower pace, less expenses from all the things that come with living in a big city, and alot of time to relax and live.

Thank you for living our loud as you do. Reading your journey has been wonderful motivation for me!



Why does it make you a crazy lady to shovel snow in PJs? No, I'm really asking, cuz' I do it all the time and it never occurred to me that it was out of the ordinary. We're not talkin' lace teddys or anything like that, are we?


I really relate to this post. I try to remind myself that as humbling as this life (now) can be, it's a helluva lot better than what came with the previous one...


oh honey, i've been the crazy woman who shovels snow in her pajamas for years :) cheers for quiet days, rest, simple needs and superficiality ... and um yes my heart did skip a beat just a little over luscious jackson, tee hee ... have a fabulous weekend!!

Kikipotamus the Hobo

Three cheers for SLOW. :) K

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