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Thursday, January 31, 2008



Ah Carla, you crack me up ... but never forget how much you seriously ROCK!


Kathryn Knoll

It may not just be you...There are many energies we are contending with on more than just the 3-D level. Since you are much more evolved than you realize, these lapses may become more intense and frequent because of the "upgrading" you are getting. The more your heartspace opens due to your choosing to be open and vulnerable,(yes, you are doing the work you came to do) the more need for the "systems upgrades." It's a good thing. It's happening to everyone, some of us get cold sores, colds, the flu, allergies, body aches, heart aches, on and on. Everyone is different. Many who hang out here can relate, we just don't always know what is happening to us. That is somewhat how we may have felt, at times, going through puberty. Things happening to our bodies, minds and spirits we don't understand. The menopause thing is only practice for this. What? you maybe going through both at the same time? akkk! Just be gentle with yourself, it's going to be ok in the end.....yeah, I know, it just doesn't sound like a nun should know this stuff. hmmmm....it was all that shaman training. Hugs, Sr. K

liz elayne

oh dear...i hope you were able to get everything off in time...
sometimes things can be so wacky...

hope you get to rest in less wacky-ness this weekend.


Mother Teresa said, "To keep the lamp burning, we have to keep putting oil in it." Carla, you're such a wonderful example for each of us. Because of the way you inspire and bring bloggers together in sharing our Sacred Lives, I left a Bloggin' Blessing Buddha at Sacred Ruminations for you in gratitude on my January 29th post.
Hugs and blessings,

eileen (the dream)

Cold sores are evil! I love the expression in the pic! Hahaha - you SO make me laugh!!! I am pretty much always early, unless someone else makes me late (then I go through an internal freak fest).
Hey, I saw Duke vs. Maryland (the dudes) at College Park last Sunday. Definitely ranked high on my all-time most fun times! I'm thinking about scoring season tickets to the women's games next year ...
Drag about the big order, but it all worked out, right?

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