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Sunday, January 13, 2008



very cool gift. baby steps rock - i look forward to reading that book & attending those retreats one day!
ox kelley


very cool gift. baby steps rock - i look forward to reading that book & attending those retreats one day!
ox kelley


What a warm and wonderful post. Dreams are so essential. It’s like connecting with your spirit and the divine… and then giggling like children together.

“I think we dream so we don't have to be apart so long. If we're in each others dreams, we can be together all the time.” - Hobbes (of Calvin and ...)

Blessings and Hugs,
Jon :)


Wow, that dreaming bowl is amazing! What a gift. Lovely.


what a special gift! keep dreaming!


How wonderful for you to be gifted with such love! I know you'll use it well ;)


What a beautiful gift and such an inspiring post! I just came across your blog through a series of links and I love the idea of Sacred Life Sundays so I'm gonna give them a try myself!


You should check out Women's Quest - http://www.womensquest.com/retreats/hawaii.htm. I can't promise you'll swim with dolphins, but I went on the Vermont retreat with Women's Quest last fall and the leader (Colleen Cannon) spoke of her affinity with dolphins; she had some incredible stories about how the dolphins always seem to find her when she's in Hawaii. The retreat was FANTASTIC btw - I think you would love it.


How lovely and how perfect for where you are right now in your journey! She's one special woman ... and so are you! Swimming with dolphins ... now THAT's something I'd love to do.
Hugs and blessings,


Wow...amazing bowl.

I loved the Campbell quote. Its the first time I have heard it, but it certainly is a perfectly wise viewpoint.

Your writing is a blessing to read. *smiles*


very cool.. very inspirational...your journey...your dreams...the bowl (i want a friend like sister kathryn!!!)...the dolphins. thank you for this beautiful piece.

Kathryn Knoll

I'm glad you liked your surprise and all the surprises your dreams hold for you and for our world. It's your courage to go forward even when you can't see the entire scope of the way that is so inspiring to all of us who walk together with you. Let more and more find us and walk the road towards the unfolding of the world we want and can create. It was the re- occurring nightmares that came to me and showed me my mission as an awakener. It is this wonderful creative process that helps bring forth the symbols of awakening for others that keeps me afire and jazzed about each new day that dawns and more creating. Your constant inspiration just continues to stoke the flames. Bright Blessings, Dear One, Sr. K

patti digh

I loved reading your words, and those of Sister Kathryn in her post, "What Would Love Do?" It came at exactly the right time for me. Thank you.


belly of a dream catcher...


Azure in the arms of Cerulean

Cast adrift in the Indigo isles

May Angel love and Moon glow light your path.

eileen (the dream)

What a fantastic gift from the ever-so-talented Sister Kathryn! Dreams - I loved reading about yours, Carla. I have some dreams definitely requiring baby steps. I so not into trying to force something to get to the destination. Digging the process, the journey.


those dreaming bowls are absolutely beautiful & I am sure they are full of blessings to help your dreams come true.. I read somewhere 'to remember to dream, for dreams are the inspiration our your life' .... I too, was a lucky recipient of a parcel from Sr. Kathryn & I feel blessed that she is in my life

I am behind on Sacred Sunday but I promise I am back on track now.. I have been away at the sea-side and I turned 50 on Jan 1 and am finally coming back to earth!


I am grateful for this place of sacred beauty and reminders everywhere of the blessings I have...I especially enjoyed the "What Would Love do?" post...Every day is an opportunity to ACT on love...This was a good reminder...thanks!

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