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Sunday, January 20, 2008



it was really sad saying good-bye to my family home when my mom had to sell it. so, i can understand why that picture is important!

Cousin Christine

I was SOOO into Sonny and Cher. My friends and I would all watch at our homes and call each other on the commercials. I "designed" clothes for her (three to a landscaped sized notebook page) and SENT them to her. I thought she would call me for a job!! I was about 12!!

Memories are great things. It is hard to leave a childhood home. We all do it. It is good to do it slowly and to gather memories...even tears. Miss you, Carlita.



I've awarded you the "You Make my Day" award. Check my blog for details.

Blessed be! Life is good.


Oh Carla, some of your memories took me back as well...esp Sonny & Cher, feathered hair, and the Bay City Rollers! Moving around all my life, we were never anywhere long enough to have such deep ties to any one house~thank you for sharing yours :) ox kelley


when I was little, i always wanted long hair too and I got my mother to make me a plait out of some old stockings .. and wore it with pride!

just think how much enjoyment another little girl will get from looking into that mirror... she may even hear you whisper from all those years ago.. it does happen :)


Maybe it was waiting for you to have closure. Now that you do, I am sure it will attract the perfect owners. I love this post for Sacred Sunday. It was very poignant.


I kid you not....I used to have short hair when I was growing up. I wanted long hair so badly that I used to flip a turtleneck over my head and swing it around while belting out Cher tunes. So you think we were separated at birth??? :))


Wow! The Bay City Rollers! I was right back in 7th grade as I read, were we all doing the same thing back then? Playing with our hair, always wishing it was different, learning about ourselves, our dreams, our bodies. All I would need to add into the scenario is a favorite Judy Bloom book and some Seventeen magazines. I think by 7th grade I had my oh-so-juicy, scandoulous for the time, copy of 'Forever'!

I thought I was the only one who put towels on my head and pretended I had long hair.:)And when I got my Cher doll for Christmas one year, I was over the moon. It's still the best gift I ever got.


Imelda / GreenishLady

I'm glad you got the chance to go back and say your goodbyes, to honour the place that held you in the past. I found this very moving to read.


Hello Carla Ma'am.
You've been given the Excellent Blog award - if you'd care to receive it and share with others you love, please visit my blog to pick it up.


Thanks for sharing your memories.

I remember when we sold my Stepfather's house after he died. Mom and I had lived under his regime of threats, anger, and gestapo mental tactics. I was the last one out on sale day. It was such a relief to close the door and be free of that prison.

Then there was the house where my mother and father and I lived when all was well in my child's world. When we left there I sat in the backseat of our Chrysler and stared backwards until I couldn't see that house anymore. In dreams I still go back to that house. I dream of the love and comfort I knew there. I have no photographs of that bathroom mirror or my bedroom there, but they live in my memory unchanging.


Great reflection. ;)
We moved around a lot so the phases of my childhood were placed in different surroundings. My middle school years coincided with "Stayin' Alive," Mork & Mindy, and mood rings, witnessed by four different mirrors.

I just missed the Cher towel hair generation - sounds like fun!


My sister and I were just talking about our family home the other day. How hard it was when it was sold - how weird it was to drive by knowing "other" people were living there. Life passages. I hope a new family fills the house with laughter and love real soon.


Oh what wonderful memories! I know my parents will be thinking of selling their house in a few years time when my dad retires and it will be such a sad day when it goes because they have lived here since I was 1 and although I have left many times it has always been here for me to come back to and relive my old memories (a lifesaver in some of the roughest times in my life!)

What a great post - thanks for sharing your memories with us!

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