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Thursday, January 24, 2008



Weeks like that make weekend fun that much more funtastic! savor the moments. Hope you all have a terrific time together.


Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Huzzah!
Jon :)


Thank you for this post! I stumbled on to your site from Suzi Blu's. I love Pema Chodron...the quote was much needed today! Merci! It is so inspiring to read of your ex and goddaughter's visit! Hurray for family indeed! Many blessings to you.


have a fabulous weekend :) it sounds wonderful and am so inspired by your reminder that we can turn things around in our heads if we give a little effort :) xox


That place of balance--where you know to kick your own butt and get moving one time, yet you also know when it is time to hunker down and pull the covers over your head another day, and you are *right* both times--is a challenge to locate, Carla! I don't recall who was writing about it, but the point was to emphasize how balance is not one point you reach and maintain. Instead, it is like the unicyclist, always moving slightly forward, slightly backward, so as to stay on the unicycle.

It is impossible to balance perfectly and remain still on a unicycle, and the same is true of our roller-coaster rides we call our lives. Yet, isn't that part of the fascination? Every day, a new adventure in finding balance for that moment of the day...and the next, and on and on.

I love that it is a game we can play regardless of how poorly we did the day before. It's not like the NCAA basketball tournament, where one loss is the end. Each day is a new season, so to speak.

Have big fun with the little one, the ex, the dogs, and the 'ZAGS, Carla!


feel better and enjoy the weekend!

Kikipotamus the Hobo

I'm glad you heeded the counsel and started feeling better. Just a note: daily vitamin E helps 30% of women who have bad cramps and PMS. Sure, that's 70% it doesn't help, but if you happen to be in that 30%, it's life-changing.


Ha! I wrote a post a few minutes ago similar to this one - and two friends have dropped by to said something like "must be going around..."...
an' I agree with you - the problems are in my own head, to be sure! Still - I am much relieved to be rid of them, and the earlier part of this week!
Blessings to you, and looking forward to Sundays' posting. Yours AND mine! :)


It isn't the things that are happening to us that cause us to suffer,
it's what we say to ourselves about the things that are happening.
~Pema Chödrön

Great quote!
So much depends on translation.
I have the inclination to seek refuge beneath the covers, too. I think that is one of those turning into the slide moments in which resistance is the cause of further derailing.


i love that quote by pema chodron. it's helped me through many a rough patch.


Its so true isn't it! Its one's outlook that makes all the difference.



Good morning Carla! First of all let me say how much I love Pema Chodrin and this saying is perfect for where I've been so much of the time. Next, I want to say how nice it is to come across someone who can also get along with their ex. Mine lives next door and I really enjoy a friendship with him now, which is nothing short of miracle considering that we pretty much detested each other for last few years of our marriage. Forgiveness is key. We've got to just give up the negative stuff and keep moving with light in our hearts.

Happy Tuesday!

eileen (the dream)

Hi Carla-
It has been ages, so I'm catching up on blogs today. GREAT stuff from you, as usual! I loved reading about your childhood bathroom, especially. Bathroom sex - ooh lala! Hope you had an amazing weekend - I went to see Maryland and Duke play on Sunday - SO rockin'! Hope to hear from you sometime soon.

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