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Monday, January 07, 2008



From last week? Hoo boy, that's a challenge...which is exactly why I 'should' do it... ;)

1. Had the entire week off work -- paid vacation!
2. chocolate...and quite a lot of it...
3. Thai food
4. black-eyed peas
5. not losing power during the storm


1. feeling energized by female company at new year
2. buying a new family sofa in the sales - when it arrives, we'll ALL be able to lounge together :o)
3. solitude now the kids are back at school
4. knowing they're coming home at 3.30 :o)
5. getting better and quicker at writing with my left hand - i'm a journal junkie!! it's still tough to type one key at a time, but it's so worth it to 'talk' to you, carla :o)
hugs and blessings, xxx


1. Getting together after work with my dear friend Karen (it is so wonderful to be living in the same area again!)
2. a warm fire on a cold snowy day
3. My sweetheart making sure that car/truck windows are brushed and scraped before I rush out the door to drive to work.
4. Not having to change out of my pjs on the days I work from home.
5. Taking the time to plan a week of good meals, and avoiding the holiday sweets still left in the house!

liz elayne

i am fixing myself some hot cocoa with whipped cream right after i type this! your list is wonderful...
i do so hope that 2008 brings some time for us to spend with one another in person...that is on my list of 2008 hopeful dreams.
sending you peace and light today...

eileen (the dream)

Fffffffffacial - I'm going for mine on Friday!

Here are my five really goods things from the past week:

1. That the massive amounts of salt I put in my bod while watching sports over the weekend didn't result in any nasty weight gain - largely because of walking the Best Worst Dog on the Plant every day.
2. Went to see Monty Python's SPAMalot with Rose on Saturday - HILARIOUS!!! We are going to see My Fair Lady soon.
3. A new sponsee to work with - yeah!
4. Afternoon coffee.
5. A 70 degree sunny day - and seeing two bluebirds while out walking.

Imelda / GreenishLady

I posted 5 on my blog tonight. I love your dogs, the hot chocolate (having some now, but minus whipped cream), and the dinner you fixed for your Mama. In fact... all your good things sound really good.

Imelda / GreenishLady

oops. Forgot to link:

Kikipotamus the Hobo

Wow, a college course! Good for you. I am so proud of the way you consistently take good care of yourself. You are an inspiration.

Kikipotamus the Hobo

PS I did the FIVE THINGS on my blog.


How fun! I've enjoyed doing this activity myself a couple of times previously and reading what everyone else writes for their 5 Really Good Things. Mine's up this evening here:
Hugs and blessings,


I'm coming in late but still here!


tee hee ... i've watched the season premiere twice now :) what a wonderful list :) i heart liz's five really good things! xox


Hmmmm... I saw the premiere AND the second episode and was not impressed....I'm holding out hope for the rest of the season though:)

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