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Sunday, December 23, 2007



Wishing you a peaceful christmas. Enjoy your celebrations with friends and family.


What a beautiful and special holiday celebration, spiritual and meaningful, and with loved ones. I'm glad you're home, Carla, after an upheavalled (probably not a word) year. Love, O

Cousin Christine

Happy Christmas, Carla. I love you. Thanks for all you have given me in the past year - you light up my life literally and figuratively every single day, with no exceptions. What a gift you have made of yourself - TO yourself and to so many others. Hug Carlita today and listen for Santa tonight...I always do, even though I am many years old. It is a treat to my little girl inside self. Love you, Christine


Happy Holidays Carla! Here's to 2008! May it be a blessed one for you! Love, Beverly

Kate I

Wishing you a peaceful and happy Christmas Carla and a New Year full of joy and love. Your celebrations sound so wonderful...and I'm happy too that you've found the comfort of 'home'.

Kate I

I also wanted to thank you for all you've given your blogging community with your Sacred Life 'venue'. It's been wonderful to have this sacred place to connect with a like minded spiritual community

eileen (the dream)

Much Joy, Carla!
So grateful to have connected with you this year! You are a soulful beautiful sober woman - full of goodness and light. The gathering at The Women's Hearth sounded wonderfully spiritual and full of grace. Lovely.


What a beautiful ceremony for those women. And what an important reminder for me (and a basic one of my early sobriety that I *NEED* to be reminded of TODAY)...to get out of my self-absorbed head...and to reach out to someone in need. Blessings to you this holiday season.


As always, I feel uplifted by your sharing here, reminding us all of the true miracles of Christmas. May the joys of the season continue fill your heart, mind, & spirit and may 2008 bring peace and love.
Hugs and blessings,


Ah I wish I'd been able to attend the ceremony at the church. It sounds like just the thing that would help to heal me during this process I've been facing and living with. (breast cancer and just life in general)

I was raised a Unitarian and while I've not attended for many many years, I long to do so but our closest Unitarian church around here is about an hour away.

The older I am growing the more I feel the need to have women in my life and I've just not been in a space where I'm likely to meet any.

I was with y'all there in spirit I suppose and I thank you for sharing about your experience. Wishing you and your readers peace, love and understanding and a beautiful new year and many great days ahead.

Always love.

~ RubyShooZ ~


What a beautiful post... warmed the winter day - thank you!
Holiday Blessings... wishing you love, joy,health, abundance and laughter.
Jon :)


Carla, how great that you shared some of the ceremony at the Women's Hearth with others. I'm honored that I've been asked to lead the ceremony for so many years. The women there are family and for many of them, the party is the onlyt Christmas celebration they have. Blessings to all, Joyce (Mama)


What a beautiful post, Carla. Sometimes I miss all the varied events available in the "big city". Merry Christmas to you. I'm glad I've been able to get to know you a little this year. It's been a pleasure.


how beautiful :) i hope you are finding peace and beauty and magic ... xoxox

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