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Saturday, December 01, 2007



KJRB in 1972... take me back... I was a junior in high school in the inland empire and just happy if we could pick it up "over the hill" ( Fourth of July pass) into Shoshone county. Loved the Zags game also!


You look absolutely F A N T A S T I C, Carla...I like the mention of Youngblood, as I don't wear makeup, but this looks very healthy for the skin. Peace and love, O


I love that movie "Greenfigers"! And Johnny Depp in "Chocolate" is my idea of perfect eye candy.

I've just re-watched "A Good Year", which is my fav Russell Crowe movie.



That is one seriously good looking man...


Oh my. Thanks ever so much for posting that photo of Clive my future husband. :) Okay fine, I'm already married, I'm talking fantasy world. Great post!


I looooove Clive! We must have been on the same frequency last night when it comes to appreciating (or is that lusting after?) yummy British men. I watched a scene from the movie "Closer" on YouTube and darn near licked the computer screen.

Congratulations on your sweet win of seaweed as well as acknowledging your beauty. You look stunning, Carla! The colors of your skin, hair and scarf against the snowy backdrop...did I already say you look stunning? WOW!

If I help you accumulate those remaining 5000 Aveda points, can I come with you to Wickaninnish? (: What a beautiful place.

Thanks to you and Liz for sharing your Five (Really) Good Things. It's made me pause this morning to consider my own.

Sending lotsa love your way today.

liz elayne

such a wondrous list! my oh my...the seaweed wraps - i hope you will report about those...the aveda products - how i love the smell of everything they make...laughing - such good medicine...

you look beautiful! love that photo girl!


I love this idea and may use it for a post today on one of my Blogs :)

The link to Wickaninnish has me drooling and wondering how I could swing a trip there sometime soon ... maybe even bringing Molly along with since they have "pet friendly" packages. I've bookmarked it for easy reference.

I'm glad you're taking care of yourself and sharing the journey with the rest of us.
Hugs and blessings,

patti digh

A. I want your hair. B. Any day with Mr Depp in it is a Fine Day.

eileen (the dream)

Great List! How cool that you took on the role as chip goddess!

Hey, your look amazing!!! Good for you for being good to you - and going girlie-girl with products galore. From profile, you and I have a similar cut ... come on over and check it out. I need someone to take a better pic of me - after color tomorrow.

I'll get that Utah info to you soon. I need to dig it up.

Depp - sexy beast!!!


I'll pass on the seaweed...

Knee deep in red headed grasses...


clive....depp....oohhh SWOOONNNN! what gorgeous, hot, manly manly men....love them! can you tell?

and, i love your do ....tres chic....i've always kept mine very, very short as well and last year decided that i needed to feel tresses in my fingers once again and have let it grown. i am now impatient. and i am now reconsidering that choice....what to do, what to do, with the do......


I have been drooling over the Wickaninnish Inn for years. But when I went to the Aveda site I didn't see it listed - because if it is, believe me I am buying more Aveda products pronto.


I know this is nearly two years late, but I just sat about 3 rows away from Clive Owen at the Toronto International Film Festival and I remembered that you had once said you liked him. The film was fantastic, The Boys Are Back and I think you will love it. Did you ever get to Wickaninnish?

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