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Saturday, November 17, 2007



How lucky you are to have such a woman in your life. Such a blessing.
I have never seen the word EGO in that way. That is excellent. I will remember it. Thank you.


what a wonderful gift to have such an amazing woman and spiritual guide in your life!


this is exactly what I want and need in my life - a sister Cathy. You are indeed blessed to have her in your life.
sending blessings of light & love to you, this Sacred Sunday. xo
(ps, thankyou for starting SS... I am so glad you did)


We're all blessed that you have such amazing women to support your spiritual growth and are enriched not only by the way you share here, but also by your invitation to join in your Sacred Life journey ... encouraging us to conduct our own personal explorations and share in the experiences of others who participate on their Blogs. Thank you and have a delightful day.
Hugs and blessings,


How wonderful to have two great teachers in your life! You are blessed. And if I am not mistaken, is that scarf around your neck the one your Mum was working on?

Kim Campbell

How wonderful to have her in your life!


I love this post. I love it. How beautiful.


Isn't it wonderful to have a friend that loves us mo matter what. To be accountable to someone makes me humbel to know their love and God's love is there always.


I mean this with the utmost sincerity...thank you for sharing a touching and beautiful 'nun story.' It's especially meaningful for those of us who only have 'bad' nun stories. What a gift she must be in your life.

eileen (the dream)

I stop by Sister Cathy's blog every so often - she is, indeed, a wonderful soul. I am grateful to have found her and Sister Kathryn through you, my friend. It is absolutely amazing - when we let others in - really IN, life gets better and better. We are "as sick as our secrets" and I am beyond grateful that there are women in my life who know the whole real deal of me ... and love me unconditionally.

Oh yeah, I tagged you ...


what a gift you have in sister cathy! thank you for sharing her.
i love your words for EGO "edging God out". it is a perfect description!!!


You are so fortunate to have such a beautiful soul in your life. I took away with me 'What would love do?' from a post or so back and EGO is another good one. Thanks so much!

Hundred and one

How blessed you are to have her in your life. Treasure her (as I know you already do).

Lady Luxie

Shucks! How lucky..how blessed you are to share such a frendship....She is a rare find...How just sweet and wonderful...I don't know if I would ever meet someone who can be to me as she is to you...

Kate Robertson

Such a beautiful post, thanks for introducing Sister Cathy, I am glad to have met her.


Kathryn Knoll

Sometimes NOT being a Christian and a Catholic is a distinct advantage, my girl. What nun in her right mind wouldn't want to know you?..You really make those of us who know you, and I mean all of us look good... is all I can say. Love you, love you love you! Sr. K


It's beyond blessing when we find such rich friendships and true spiritual teachers in our lives. The love you feel for each other comes through loud and clear in the picture and in your writing about it.


I love the way you think about God and spirituality. It's very inspiring and open and accepting and *personal*. Such a refreshing view. It feels right. So thank you.

and happy thanksgiving.

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