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Sunday, November 11, 2007



One day at a time Carla, bad days come and go, and you are truly blessed to have such strong family support. tomorrow is another day! hugs to you.


oneday.. you will look back and see how far you have come... I don't know your story of heartache.. but many years ago, I had my heart broken... I look back now and see that there was a reason for each and every moment in my life.. all leading to where I am now..and who knows where these moments will take me. I am trying to live in the present moment :)

I love Sacred Life Sunday... I posted mine... a story of a ritual & an angel.. thankyou for helping me to remember to look for the Sacredness in my life. xo


Go Zags! I was right back in the routine of planning my day around the game. Basketball Season is here. It does sound like you meant to be back in Spokane!


Even though I'm in Montana I'm not partial...Go Zags! ;)

And thank you Carla for opening doors in your own life and letting the light shine through to others. You remain an inspiration, and you are such a beautiful woman!

Peace and blessings,


So glad to read that your heart is healing. You are gaining wonderful insights and wisdom to carry with you wherever you go! Ah, the joy of growing through hardship! :)


Lovely sharing Carla. So much of your story reminds me of my own journey. I was 44 when mom died and my husband left me ... learned gradually (with relief) that I wasn't in charge of the Universe, but a loving God with a feminine presence is (exhaling with goosebumps in remembrance here) ... that forgiveness is a gift to myself more than to others (though giving & receiving are the same so everyone wins) ... and gratitude is the path to healing.

Thank you for these reminders ... and for the links. My heart is full and I'm grateful. I'm glad you've returned home ... are finding your way ... and enjoy your parents so much. Mine passed much too early from this earth, though I feel their reassurance presence (and that of my brother) often.
Hugs and blessings,

Kikipotamus the Hobo

There have been two or three times in my life when I held such bitterness and hatred for someone over what they did do me. I tried every method under the sun to release my anger and find forgiveness. The only thing that ever worked for me was to get on with my life and love myself. Then one day I looked up and the forgiveness had tiptoed in when I was doing other things.


Carla.. thankyou for linking my post... your Sacred Life Sunday has introduced me to a whole new blogging world.. thankyou for that too... blessings & much bliss to you xo

eileen (the dream)

When I saw that the Zags won I immediately thought of you and how stoked you would be! SWEET! Your parents are WAY cool!!! It would be such a blast to join you three for a night of hoops. Off to watch Duke. Freakin' Maryland wasn't televised last night, so I was growling like a big dog. I don't care that they are padding their schedule to have early wins - I still wanted to see it! Hey, I loved reading your list of FACTS. Again, when I have the death grip on something I want to control, prior to turning it over to The One who IS the Ultimate Authority, it usually has my claw marks all over it. Thank you so much for your amazing comment last week - I feel the same for you. One day we WILL meet; I have no doubt about it.


I'm also glad that you're healing.. even though it is a long journey. I know.. I felt, yesterday morning, as though some sutures had been ripped out and I was hurting all over again.

But it'll get better.

I love that your mum is a knitter too.. well, you know I am, huh? And I have been "caught" knitting out in public too.. at the laundromat.. parking lots, while waiting for someone or other.. dentist and doctors' waiting rooms.. but no, not at sporting events! YET! :o)


Carla -- I too have shared so much with my family over college sports and knitting. Who knew those are the things that link families together like nothing else?!
Thanks for creating this beautiful space - I LOVE the idea of your Sacred Sundays. And thanks for stopping by to visit my little corner of the world.

Sacred Suzie

You are very fortunate you can go back home and be with family. I've been away 12 years and it's so hard.

Nice to see another Alice Hoffman fan, have you read Probable Future or Practical Magic? They are my favourite!

Carla Sanders

Hi Carla,
I love reading about your mother the knitter and sports fan. She reminds me of my Mother, the ultimate University of Tennessee (any team, any sport) fan, and brilliant handcrafter of quilts, doilies, and cross stitch. I wrote about her in my blog last month, and two weeks ago I wrote her obituary. She died suddenly. I have spent the l

Carla Sanders

I've spent the last two weeks dividing her household among the four of us kids, and now have a moving truck loaded with her creations in the driveway, ready to drive to Maine when the storm lets up. There is a partially pieced quilt that I dream of finishing with my granddaughter who lives in Moscow ID, someday...she is only two. It is a blessing for all of you that you chose to move home, and it is working. I am glad it is healing, and very happy you are spending time with your parents, and you are on the same team! When I visit my grandaughter, and her parents, I fly into Spokane. I love that territory.


what wonderful photos of your parents and how wonderful that you get to spend so much time with them surrounded by all that good love :) mmmmm knitting :)


I am a college basket ball fan to, but it is the University of Illinois who is my favorite snd most of the BIG TEN I now live in Indiana and love to watch the Paterates (?sp)My daughter sells on etsy. and most of her friends. Good luck on your move.

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