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Monday, November 05, 2007



Love your bike, Carla, what a great birthday present! Super-cool and great exercise as well. Peace, Olivia

Kikipotamus the Hobo

Something in the air? I was mood challenged today, too. Beautiful bike!!! Have you named it/him/her?

Kathryn Knoll

"smokin' ass. That's the sass I'm talking about. You go girl!


Thanks Olivia.

Kathryn, you are so un-nunnish! I love you!

Kelly, not yet, but I know she has one! I'll let you know when she tells me what it is. Hope you're feeling better too!

eileen (the dream)

WooHoo! You ROCK! You will definitely have the 18 year old firm-ness before I do. I'm all about walking this hilly area and starting Pilates again tomorrow.


congrats on your new bike, she's beautiful :)

Kate I

That bike is gorgeous...and the yellow really says 'attitude'. It even looks like it goes fast!

I've decided to get a bike next spring too, but I'll be poking along at less than Triatholon speed!

Goddess of Leonie

ahhhh... bikes...

they really ARE the best GIFT to give yourself...

i remember when i got my first bike as an adult - i traded a painting for an old mountain bike with a friend - and those moments of breathless FREEDOM when riding were such a blessing. still are.



My son has bought himself a new bmx bike and so his old mountain bike sits lonely in the garage. Maybe, just maybe, you have inspired me to rescue it (and me) and do some serious (but slow) riding! Good for you - wind in your hair, finding muscles you didn't know you had.... enjoy!


I holed up a lot after my divorce. When I did get out-you are absolutely right-I felt so much better.


You go girl! Biking along the ocean daily was MY saving grace in the throes of (and long after) my divorce. Mine is a lovely lavender ... similar to the shade of the Namaste candle burning close by. Maybe I'll take it out for a spin today following your lead (even though I'm struggling with a cold).


Cool new ride Carla! Enjoy your new self-powered freedom. ;)


you are sooo going to have smooth thighs and a smokin' ass ~ that bike is soooo beautiful : ) i heart my bike but its just too cold and icy now ... sigh


Its great to buy ourselves presents every now and then ... after all we DO deserve a special treat.

I've just started riding my bike again ... its nearly killing me but it will be worth it in the end.



you go, girl!! what smokin' wheels!!!
(what you think of my attempt to do an american accent? :) )


Congrats on your bike Carla, What a great brithday present to you...I love to go biking and would like to get back into it...great exercise and a fun way to be outdoors...

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