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Sunday, November 18, 2007



I tagged ya too but forgot to leave you a comment to let you know...so I'm glad you got tagged again-:)
Love your list - I'm the same way in social situations, now remembering to bring my own car at all times.

eileen (the dream)

Oh yeah - I am a big fan of having my own get-away car!
I wanted a cocker spaniel puppy, but my brother joined the family instead.
I like #1 on your list. One thing I absolutely love doing is watching others when they are "in the zone" at museums. It's so cool to see students sketching the work of the masters - great way to get a more intimate connection and true appreciation for a work of Art.
Hope your candle-making is going well! Peace.


What fun to read your list! Mine was posted yesterday at Small Reflections.
I haven't thought about Ouija Boards for decades, but remember some interesting messages that seemed weird way back when, but not any more. I wonder if I'll find one when I'm clearing clutter from closets?

I relate to having my own car for quick escapes ... learned that lesson fairly early actually.


those were some fascinating facts. I wondered if your first memory is so fresh because the memory for others were repeated so often (that mom/dad probably talked about the birth so often that you relieved it so often and kept it in mind). how cool to name a street! and ouija is some bad bad mojo!


i enjoyed reading your list!! i'm the same way with social situations.

Cousin Christine

Carla - I's like to "play" if you want to include me.


Kikipotamus the Hobo

We definitely have #6 in common. Always have your own way home. Oh, and #1... I can go into a trance state at the sound of someone colouring. Thank you for sharing these!!!

liz elayne

blazek loop - that is fantastic!!
and reading about your milkshake desires made me want a chocolate milkshake right now! :) i will have one tomorrow...

i love reading lists like this - always fun to get to know things about a person you never would have known about them.


I can so relate about enjoying watching those create. If I let myself, I can watch HGTV and foodnetwork for hours. Kinda funny since I'm not a huge TV person. :)
Blessings and hugs,


Like a lot of others who left comments, I totally get having your own vehicle at all times for quick get away...the bathroom is another one of my emergency "center, ground" places if I absoltely can not leave a social setting that is overwhelming...At my old job, I use to visit the bathroom constantly!! I would just go in there, shut the door and run the water over my hands...and be alone! Happy Thanksgiving Carla, Beverly


ooohhh...real vanilla milkshakes. YUM. Now I'm craving one :-)


ohhhhhhhh ... my vegan self is now craving real vanilla milkshakes, yummers!! tee hee

i love that you named a street blazek loop and i completely understand about the social situations, me too ... xox

Julia in Colorado

I know Blazek Loop well, my friend. :) It been a long time, but I've kept up on your whereabouts over the years. And I remember a few things about you, too. Like your SUPER crush on Rowdy Gaines!

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