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Friday, October 12, 2007



I would love to participate in this. :)


I'm looking forward to joining in on Sacred Life Sunday...please add me to your blog roll. Thanks for taking the time to maintain such an inspirational blog roll!


Laura Dessauer

Loving what you are creating! Please include in your sacred celebration community!


i know it's probably a long shot, considering how old this blog post is, but could you perhaps add me to the Sacred Sunday list? thanks.


Sue O'Kieffe

I am joining your Sacred Life Sundays. It's a lovely idea...
Many blessings
~Sue O'Kieffe


I would love to join too :) Count me in


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Hi Carla,
Indeed, sacredness is embedded in everything everyday...we just need to slow down long enough to notice!


I would love it if you looked at my blog and tell me what you think of my musings.



Hi- I would like to be included on this, starting this sunday, 6-8-08


I'd like to play too! Please add me to the list.



Goddess Leonie

Hi dear Carla ~

I've got a new blog now that I do Sacred Life Sunday on: www.goddessleonie.com

Deep blessings to you,

katherine mccullen

This prayer for this person is very sacred to me


I would like to be a part of Sacred Life Sunday through my blog http://www.mountainmoma.wordpress.com
I am major tech challenged so it may take awhile to get the icon on my site. I may have to wait till my son comes and get it loaded. I'm excited, I'll start this Sunday!


Hi Carla - I'm still posting every Sunday (well... sometimes Monday, but I get it out there eventually). I have, however, changed my blog address. When you get an chance could you please update "dragonflyreflections" to http://dragonflyreflections.wordpress.com? Thanks so much!!

Gail Brokaw

Please add me to your list for Sacred Sunday. Love the idea and it will help keep me inspired and positive about all that's around me. You've already got me walking around the house and yard with fresh eyes,finding everyday treasures. Thanks. Gail

Gail Brokaw

Finally figured out how to add your button to my blog. Yea! Please add me to your list of blogs participating in Sacred Life Sunday.


I'd love to join, some weeks the post may not get out until Monday but I started this week!

Kate Robertson

I have joined up today..




I just found you.. !! Please add me to the list.. Many blessings.. Namaste..


I added the button to my site. I'm looking forward to taking in those small moments and sharing them. :)


I am so glad to have found your site. I am excited to participate, and look forward to reading your experiences.

Thank you for letting me join!


I would love to join in, too! :)


I'd love to jump on this bandwagon. I think its a gorgeous idea.


Hello! I emailed a long while back about joining Sacred Life Sunday, but decided I wanted to stop blogging - well, the force was too strong, so I'm back...may I please join Sacred Life Sunday? Thank you thank you thank you!


I'd love to join too.


What a wonderful idea. I'd love to participate!


Love this idea! I'm in.


I love this idea! Just what I needed. Please sign me up.



Thank you for this beautiful space! I'd love to join. Please sign up my blog and me:
a harper's garden

Mon @ Holistic Mama

This is a wonderful blogging idea. Please do count me in.

love-the experiment

I'm in!


I would like to join as well. I think this is a wonderful idea! Thank you for sharing it with the world. (I found my way here through a web of links I don't remember. Haha.) And I read on your homepage that you have no more brandwith for links, and I don't care. I just wanted to let you know I would begin doing my Sacred Sunday posts this coming Sunday. :)


I am walking the path of the living prayer. I am delighted to come across you. Can wait to be part of Sacred Life Saturday.


I would love to join Sacred Sunday starting the new year (2009) please. I've admired the concept on this and other participant blogs for some time now and I figure starting in the new year will the perfect time for me.


Kathryn - Collage Diva

What beautiful photography you have here and what a beautiful idea to focus on the sacred found in our every day lives. I've posted my first blog entry for Sacred Life Sunday.

Many thanks for this great focus. I look forward to making this part of my Sunday routine.


Suzi Shyloh

I'm just beginning a blog, this is an excellent inspiration to post and a way for me to be reminded that I live within the sacred everyday. I would love to be a part of this. Thanks

Kim H

I've been seeing this lovely idea on so many of the blogs I read, so I have finally decided to put the link on my blog and participate myself. Looking forward to the joy it will bring!

Rhonda Tiner

Count me in.

Bridget Floyd

I just stumbled across your site through Serena's Sacred Sunday post. What a great idea! I would love to be a part of such a spiritual outlet. Please add me to the list. I will post my first picture today. I look forward to seeing more of the spirtually inspiring pictures.



This is a wonderful idea and I'd like to be a part of it. I see that the comments are over a year old so I'll check some of the blogs listed here to see if anyone is still doing it. I'd sure like to!


I love this! Please sign me up!


Just realized I did not see all the comments, silly me (see my previous comments).

sarah rachel

I stumbled across this today...this is the sort of community I've been looking & hoping for. Much love and peace.


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I would adore being a part of this. ; ) Please include me, if there is room ; )



This is such a fabulous idea!
What a grand way to reach out to your world family in such a real way!
Thank you! Count me in!


I'm not sure if you're still signing people up for this, but it's a lovely idea and I'm just starting up a creativity and spirituality blog. This would be a wonderful practice...so, sign me up if this is still running...also, I love your candle website - am always looking for inspiration as to how to turn a passion into one's work...

Be well...Rohana

Ronna Detrick Miller

Found you through my frequent visits to Jen Lemen's blog and then Rachelle Mee Chapman. Love, love, love what you're doing, thinking, writing, feeling. So beautiful.

Your button is now on my site! Sign me up! I'm in!

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