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Tuesday, October 02, 2007



Libra....I knew it-:)
My 47th is tomorrow. This will also be my first bday in 17 years without the wondercat.
Maybe you do something to honor him, like go for a walk in the woods and find a good place to sit and talk with him? Just writing that sounds odd, but I think you'll understand.
Also, maybe go for a massage with your mom? Or a pedicure, facial...something nice for both of you?


I was going to say massage, too, with your mom. A whole day of nurturing yourself in quiet ways.


Don't you live here?...http://tinyurl.com/2zxnrr

I've only been there twice...but what I remember is the river in the heart of the city...the falls...and a jazz club my mate played a few times (inside a hotel, can't remember which). However you choose to spend your day, hope you find time to get outside...because you live in a beautiful place. :)


I am so bad with birthdays; the pressure of trying to make them "special" usually pushes me into doing nothing much. But this last birthday I made my yearly set of Story-Beads and had my family bless them for me with wishes for my upcoming year. It was really nice because not only did I have ritual, which I love, but I have their wishes to carry around with me for the rest of the year.


I'm all for the pampering type stuff - facial, massage, pedicure. I think honoring Elliott in some way is an excellent idea. I finally did a little ceremony with my special cat's ashes last summer. He'd been gone over a year at that point so the time has to be right - for him and you. But the main thing I would do is not work. At all. Happy Early Birthday!

Christina Arbini

I must say I'm in agreement with most of the other commenters here with the spa day idea. Especially if you want to celebrate quietly. How better than to pamper yourself and enjoy the quiet time getting more in touch with yourself and clearing your psyche through the different treatments. The last time I had a spa day with a friend, we spent time in the steam room and dry sauna, had an hour long massage, had an hour long mud wrap, then a facial. Afterward, we had lunch together there at the spa and they brought pre-ordered food in for us. This was at Gene Juarez, so if you have one nearby I'd highly recommend it! Even though my friend and I were there together, we only spoke quietly in between treatments in the lounge while sipping tea, and then when we met up afterward for lunch. It was heavenly and it sounds like something you'd enjoy immensely! Happy early birthday, Carla!! Big hugs!



when i turned 5o last year, i did not want a big celebration but definitely wanted to commemorate the year. so, i sent out a birthday announcement celebrating Me and letting people know about the things i love (principally the simple best things like spending time with friends). over the course of the year i had people invite me for coffee, walks and quiet dinners. the cool thing was i could choose if i felt like celebrating at the moment.

just a thought...but i imagine there are many people who would love to honor you with a cup of tea or a card in the mail or a walk along the spokane trail...it's something to think about :-)

an early happy birthday wish to you. i look forward to seeing what you decide.


A Happy Birthday to you. I've been thinking about the birthday celebration, and for me it would be something quiet, something that brings that sparkly fizz of joy... but of course my life is loud and busy and hectic. I guess my thing would be beach time with people I love, just listening to ocean and wind.

I hope you can find something. I had to visualize myself, feeling that fizzy quieting feeling before I could see the beach. Maybe you need to imagine the feeling you want, and then look around in your mind to find where you are? Hope this makes sense...Lots of hugs for your special day.


The first thing I would do is try to figure out how I suddenly got almost ten years younger! (I'm coming up on 54)

It is hard to imagine you enjoying the day without spending a portion of it in memory of Elliott, and maybe that means a walk with the two pups in your life today on a path you walked with him. Or anything else you can do to feel the sadness, reminisce a bit, and then move to a different space for the rest of the day.

And, maybe there is something relaxing and nurturing you can do with both of your parents (I'll confess I don't know their personal status as a couple, so ignore this idea if it is not germane) instead of a spa day with your mom. Dads like those times with their daughters, too!

Most importantly: spend some time praising your own inner guidance and strength for getting you through the past year. You earned some generously slathered-on compliments, so accept them!

eileen (the dream)

Happy Birthday, Carla!
Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Frosting, Massage, Lavender Bubble Bath, Write a Poem, Crank up the stereo and Dance, Catch a plane for Maryland and hang out with me for a day!


Do what ever your heart desires.

I just had my 45th birthday. It was my second since I left my abusive husband. But it was also the first I have had in my cottage.

so.. I ended up spending some time on the phone with mum and dad.. ate ice cream.. and sat and watched movies and enjoyed being in my own space.

Maybe next year I'll feel more up to having some sort of party. Who knows.


So many had the same idea i do. A day with your mom at the Spa. A day of pampering. I would also top it off with dinner with the family.

Kikipotamus the Hobo

I also was thinking massage. I would also buy myself a bouquet of zinnias and put them all over the house in little vases. If spending it with my parents, I would want to go to some out-of-the-way place to dine...someplace with a magnificent view of water or forest.

Happy Birthday, you! I sure am glad you were born. BTW I am 44 as well.

Kathryn Knoll

Every year on my birthday, no matter what age I mark, I give gifts to everyone who comes in contact with me! That's right, everyone! I carry pocket angels around so that when I encounter someone I share one with them. When they walk through the door of my shop, there is a basket full of magnets, pins, whatever I have or have and want to gift. The basket has a sign on it that announces that in honor of my______whatever # birthday it is I'm giving gifts. A dear friend of mine who is now on the other side of this life, but still communicates with me tells me this is quite appropriate to do since the day I was born, the world received a wonderous gift in me. Now, if you think about this, you too, are a wonderous gift to all who know you and you are a treasure for our world. Giving gifts to others on your birthday affirms and accknowleges this fact. The gifts do not have to be lavish and they're even sweeter If you have made them. Maybe a special little votive to give to special people to say that because of their love and support, you can keep your light alive and that you ask them to light a little more light for your life this year. Wow! the possibilities of what you could do, Candle Maker, Supreme Fire Keeper that you are and are more and more becoming are endless! I leave it up to you and celebrate your light, Dear One, Love ya, Sr. K


happy early birthday to you my dear!! hmm, i've often given myself the gift of a massage appointment on my birthday and it's a lovely way to pamper yourself and treat yourself well on your birthday. for me a perfect day would start with sleeping in, lunch in a little cafe with my journal and a good book. shopping for a special item (new pair of earrings or some fun art supplies), getting a luxurious massage, having something sweet (a cookie from a bakery or a fruit smoothie perhaps), a relaxing walk, a mid-afternoon nap, a good movie, a healthy dinner, and then finishing off the day with a candlelit bath, then slipping into clean sheets and falling fast asleep. :-)

i hope no matter what you choose, that you treat yourself like the goddess you are on your birthday! xoxo


happy birthday. Mine is Oct 8th. I'll be 62. a friend once said it's a birthday MONTH. I like thinking of it that way. Less pressure to make the one day packed full of stuff. Besides, that encompases all those friends who send late cards or gifts. Hey, no sweat. It's a MONTH long celebration. Yea!!!


a celebration of your day of birth...time spent with loved ones. listen to your heart's deepest desires. take care of you body. invite gratitude in. say 'thank you' and 'i love you' when you look in the mirror. write a story that inspires you. eat chocolate. ask for what you want. be okay with big dreams and also with not knowing what's next. honor your past. contemplate the future. just be...in...each...and...every...moment. have fun. play. dance and delight in your day. sending you BIG love today and every day and even BIGGER love on your birthday. (:


Yes, I'm the one who keeps asking her what she wants to do that day! Unfortunately this October 10th is the busiest day of the year for the volunteer work I do at a women's center. I'll be up at 5:30 and on the go until noon. Then I suggested taking her to lunch (thanks, Marilyn, for the idea of spending some time by the Spokane river falls...what a great place to walk and remember how special Elliott is!) I'm supposed to work a couple hours later in the afternoon, but have postponed that to another day so I can have time to prepare some food...to bring to her house that evening...hopefully a few friends of hers will join her Dad and I in celebrating her birth day and the wonderful gift she is in our lives! Whatcha think, Carla?

Cheryl Finley

Hmm...spending it with "the two people who gave me life"...and sharing with them as to how you feel about this birthday which represents so many firsts...and paying homage to your self by simply doing that could be it, especially if you're not in a celebratory mood. And,you could add a simple, informal ceremony of lighting one tea-lite for each year and meditating on the beauty of each light, your light and each year that made you...You...

...Or light one single candle that represents this first birthday into your new life of significant "firsts". Acknowledge and give thanks for the part of you..the Guiding Light in you..that steers you,strengthens you, supports you and loves you through every thing, every experience...and going with the flow of what that moment brings.

Being a parent myself, I'm sure that yours will be honored to witness and participate in this unique rites of passage no matter what you choose to do. Who knows, after that let spontanaity carry the day.

One more idea to find out how to honor this birthday: Take some quiet time, light a candle, take some deep breaths, get as quiet as you can in a relaxed state and pose the question to "that" part of you, ask it how you should honor it. By "it" I mean the part of you who's asking the question...simply as it "In light of where I am, what's the best way to spend my birthday."..(or in whatever way you want to ask)...and see what comes up, and journal with it...you could even dialogue with that part of you. No matter what you choose...it will be perfect for you.

Happy Birthday Carla.


We are not born all at once, but by bits. The body first, and the spirit later; and the birth and growth of the spirit, in those who are attentive to their own inner life, are slow and exceedingly painful. Our mothers are racked with the pains of our physical birth; we ourselves suffer the longer pains of our spiritual growth.
-Mary Antin

Happy Birthday... or Rebirth Day, Carla!

I hope you don't mind a male chiming in on a few thoughts and well wishes! :)
A few years ago I celebrated my Rebith day after so many changes occured in my life which at times overwhelmed me. I decided it was a rebirth day as I hadn't put myself on the front burner in years and realized that there were many things I wanted to manifest and at the same time honor the past in a healthy way.
I woke to quiet meditation and journalled a bit, specifically taking the time to write a letter to myself, from my higher self, in sacred space. It was honest, loving, nurturing and gentle - though not candy coated. I laughed and cried and reread the letter now whenever I'm feeling a bit low, fearful, angry or just need to remember.
I had a wonderful leisurely morning complete with a long hot bath and a simple breakfast I made for myself.
I spent lunch with my Mom talking about life, her past, my past, and how the two of us were similar and different... more laughter and a few beautiful tears shared.
I spent the late afternoon in the forest gathering a few leaves and listening to the spirit there and within. Since then, I make it a point to go to the water or to the forest frequently and just be.
I also planted some flowers and herbs to acknowledge growth, nurturing and love that afternoon.

Perhaps you could honor your day with something just for you... maybe a photo portrait or commission a painting of yourself to celebrate your new emerging life and moving forward – your rebirth. I think it would be wonderful also if perhaps you could make a candle just for yourself. I do that occasionally... create something just for myself. It's easy to care for others or create things for loved ones but sometimes hard to do it for ourselves... at least for me. It’s become a good and healthy practice for me.
I lost my Spike in November of 2001 after nearly 18 years. On his birthday, I make a Dumb Supper for us. I place an altar on the table with is photo, his favorite toy andI bless the space and set out a place for him and one for me and eat in silence. My ideas of death are a bit different from most of the people I know... though he's not with me physically - I always feel him near and even see him in the corner of my eye at his favorite spot on the couch. I realize that may sound a bit odd... and perhaps too much information... but having the supper, for me, is a way of honoring him and celebrating his spirit.
Whatever you do - I hope you have a day filled with love, laughter and all the things that make your spirit and heart smile.
I have read your blog for only a short time now, but feel so inspired by your words and warmth.
Wishing you a beautiful day…
Hugs and Blessings,

May our heart's garden of awakening bloom with hundreds of flowers.
-Thich Nhat Hanh


My God! Every single one of you is AMAZING! Thank you -- I am simply blown away and in love with each one of you.


Carla.........have a wonderful birthday! All that comes to me (since these amazing people have provided such lovely input)... is to just honor yourself and all that you have experienced. Taking each "gift" gains/losses and ups/downs and weave them deeply into your heart.

You are amazing! Business collegues stood at lunch today and sang Happy Birthday to me (I'm September 15th) - someone asked my age and I proudly and confidently told them "56".

You will continue to grow into this new self.

Thank you for your generous Spirit, for your deep sharing and courageous connection to this World.

May this upcoming year reveal even more beauty to your Soul...

Cousin Christine

Carla - How about a slurpie from Seven 11? How about buying yourself another pretty shirt from Nordie's? How about lots, lots, lots of time by that river. I used to do a ton of "water therapy" when I lived in Spokane. It helped. I am happy your Mama is devoting some time to you (parallel universe - I am struggling with my Mom spending all her time selflessly volunteering...and i am feeling neglected...gotta learn some lessons here about not being so self centered). I know the vibe your Mama gives and it is peaceful, full of fun, calming. She is joy. You are, too. I hope your birthday is special and full of love. How about a walk in Manito Park? There is a tree there that I used to revere. It reached right up to what I felt was God. See if you can find it. Let me know. I bet Elliot will be there. Love you and Happy Birthday, cuz. Christine


I would book a nice spa treatment for my mum and me, if funds don't allow that, go for a nice walk and have a high tea or something like that, make it us-time with your mum. Count your blessings and think of all the beauty that still awaits you.
Just have a beautiful day and know that a lot of people all over this planet will send you birthdaywishes.


As far back as I can remember, birthday celebrations in our family have been whatever the birthday girl (or boy) want. Sometimes it's a party. Usually not. It is a day of favorites -- favorite breakfast, favorite dinner, favorite cake, and so on. I am 54, soon to be 55. In all this time I have only spent one birthday without at least one member of my immediate family with me (usually my kid(s)).

I would say if you don't really know what you want, then plan nothing and let the day unfold. Go with what your heart tells you and celebrate each moment. All our days, good and not-so-good, lead us to the person we are and who we are to become. Celebrate your life, reflect on your losses, but celebrate YOU.

LAdy Luxie

All the lovely ladies have said it all already...I simply want to wish you a spectacular year ahead...May every dream you have come true..and may you always remember that love is always your cherished companion in good days and bad...

Here's to a hundred coming years of adventure,love and discovery for you!


and here I am thanking you for serving as an inspiration for me..to finally break free and love me.


Happy birthday, Carla and congratulations for giving yourself the gift of another year of sobriety.

Any additional gifts are superfluous.


My birthday is at the end of the month and on my list was your candles!!

Happy Birth Day Carla.....you deserve all things wonderful.

Carla Sanders

Carla, give yourself a day of listening to yourself. If you feel like company at all, ask someone to listen to you. September 30, you were asking for that. Did you find it this week? If not, then for your birthday. I'd also include Eileen's chocolate cake, and schedule a massage for later in the week. It might be too demanding, unless you are craving touch as much as listening. Blessings,


I love Susan's idea of a birthday month.

I am also a believer in "do-over birthdays." Some years, when the actual birthday has sucked big time, I sometimes randomly declare a "be nice to Martha" day to re-celebrate the birthday.


From one October birthday girl to another, I'd revel in the October-ness of your special day. The fact that it's fall (cycles are so big in my life), things are changing (and for you, how so!), and winter (whatever that means to you) is coming.

Please tell us what you decide!


annie lockhart

one of the things that came immediately to mind is the number 4 is a grounding number...like the cornerstones of your home. but, it's your souls home that is being grounded in spiritual wonder it sounds like these days...just do a little of everything on your birthday that you want to see manifested in this upcoming wonder-filled 44th birthday. mulitiple 4's are everywhere i turn in my life...either someone's trying to tell me to get grounded...which is very possible or that i have more peace when i am not so flighty! enjoy!

ps...i just thought of something else...send your momma flowers! i've done that, and it's so nice for them.


wow ~ look at all the beautiful love and ideas, i really can't add to it though i am a big fan of a day of pampering, however that looks like to you, facials make my heart dance ... and an indulge in a dark rich chocolate, tee hee. whatever you have decided on, i hope it focuses on your amazing beautiful self :) xox i can't wait to hear all about it ;-)

Temple Woman

hOla carLITa~
birthDAY idears, eh ?
for the last 5 yrs on and off (mostly ON), I have treated myself to a couple of spa treatments on the day OF my birthing.
bought myself a couple OTHer gifts & made sure I spent some connecting time with my close friends.

that makes you a LibRa, eh ?

howEVer u spend it (and knowing you; i'm shore it will be LOVE~ly) i hope you feeL wonderful about howEVER you're feeling!

With Care,
Temple~y Queen*

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