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Monday, October 01, 2007



wonderful post and the candle is gorgeous!


Thanks for letting me know ... I'll do what I can.

Nice blog, glad Eileen sent me over here to rediscover you :-)

eileen (the dream)

Christmas shopping very sooooon - and I love that you are also giving proceeds to breast cancer research too.

Oh yeah - I nominated you for a blogger award - come on over and check it out.


that candle is gorgeous and so are all the cancer survivors that i know and don't know ... xox


Hey Carla, this is a bit off topic but I just received my latest shipment of candles. I love them all so much. I did not realize I ordered small ones though...But now, I have a nice assortment and all sizes too...I was planning on storing these for gifts but too late...I'm already attached to them so I'm keeping this batch! Hope your week is going well...Love, Beverly


Thanks for this post and for posting the part about:

"tangible, practical support"

I have breast cancer and I am a strong believer in the thinkbeforeyoupink.org campaign because so many organizations make money off of breast cancer donations when really, there are people who are struggling to get the proper tests, surguries, medications, etc. for this. Many women even lose their jobs since they have to take so much time off due to "treatments" if they even have jobs.

Peace today.

~ RubyShooZ ~

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