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Tuesday, October 16, 2007



As a licensed massage therapist in Tennessee I am SO HAPPY to hear that you get regular monthly massages!! Hurray for you! I still think you should post a picture of you in your candle making attire. You know you wanna.

Cousin Christine

Carla - I JUST spent an evening and most of the night with some potentially killer cramps, too...but I was soothed by a NEW find. A tincture called, no kidding, Cramp Bark. You put drops in hot water and it really works. Find it there in SpokaVegas at that natural foods place called Huckleberries, I bet!
One other thing. I have read Sherman Alexie's "Diary of a Part Time Indian" - a crack up. Love you. Take good care of yourself and thanks for posting. I was hoping there would be a message from you to help me better navigate my own day :)


Good morning Carla!

I think it is funny about the perceptions we conjure up. I definitely think of candle making as a messy adventure but I still envisioned you wearing organic cotton pants with a cute little yoga tank...he he. When I was in the hospital getting ready to give birth to my son, my doctor walked in looking like a slice of heaven in an expensive Armani suit. He told me he'd definitely change in to scrubs when he sees the baby's head :))

This weekend I'm taking a soap making workshop. With the holidays around the corner, I figure it might make a nice little present for someone.



It's like when people hear that I was a floral designer, "Oh, I'd love to do that. It sounds like so much fun!" Fun, right. 10 gallon buckets of slimy water, heavy plants and candle holders, 15-16 hour workdays, sometimes 7 of them. Fun, yeah, right. And it was sometimes, but mostly it was a lot of hard work like most anything worthwhile is. Love the leaf picture. Hope you're feeling better.


Ah! Thank you for the news that Sherman Alexie has a new book. Smoke Signals is among my favorite films EVER.


found your gorgeous site through bohomom-love it!

Kathryn Knoll

I think we should swap photos...you after pouring candles and me after throwing pots! How could we plan a session together? That would really be fun! You probably have no idea just how awesome you are, waxy shoes and all! love ya, Sr. Kathryn

eileen (the dream)

I am sure you are a vision compared to what I have going on when I'm playing in paint. Usually a house dress (so called because I would never in a million years wear it in public) with paint splatterings from the last five years, with no undergraments (gotta feel free). It's usually a morning thing for me, so I always have massive bed head. Fright sight!
Whoa - I need to mention the package deal to the spa I go to - what a GREAT idea!


Good for you, Carla, for choosing to stay in and do what you needed to do for you.
I enjoyed reading about what is involved in your candle making days.

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