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Thursday, October 11, 2007



I'm glad you had such an amazing birthday, Carla...what a gorgeous picture, too! You deserve a month long celebration---yay! Missed you online, Love, Olivia

eileen (the dream)

Happy Birthday, Carla!!!! Sounds like a great day! Although, I love going to my sexy beast of a dentist and I DID go on my birthday.

CONGRATULATIONS on TWO YEARS!!!!! WOW! I am happy for you, my sister in recovery. Wish I could have been at the celebration to share about what a joy it is to know you and how grateful I am that we are On The Road together, and to score some of your anniversary cake.

The photo of you made me smile - you look like you are truly LOVING LIFE! RockOn!


i heart that photo, absolutely beautiful you embracing the beauty of life : )

am so glad your birthday was beautiful!! xox


Happy birthdays! As a sober woman, I know that there is no life without sobriety. Many blessings in the new year!



Wow! A month filled with much to celebrate - what an amazing post!
The photo is absolutely stunning.
Jx :)


Happy Birthday! I'm glad to hear it was a wonderful day, and I hope you have a wonderful year.

liz elayne

love this gorgeous photo of you!!

happy, happy birthday dear girl...


Yes, Happy Birthday Inspiration Girl!....

I will be 42 end of the month....


Happy Birthday! Looks like I waited too long to sign up for the triathlon...it's closed already. Ah well. I wish I had some female friends to ride with...the only bummer about blogging might be meeting people with new bikes and not getting to pester them to go riding because they live so far away!


oh to be 44 once more....*sigh* youre a mere baby compared to me!


You have really made your life an inspiration for others and I think that is the greatest gift you can give. Thank you for sharing all of your special moments with us and congratulations on the 2 years of sobriety!


Great photo Carla! and blessings to you for your all your hard work and your ability to celebrate and play as well! You continue to inspire.


I am glad you are Carla too. You look wonderful in that photo - content.
Have a blissful year of good health and happiness... I have my "gratitude" candle and have been meditating on what I am grateful for a.m. and p.m. I love your candles and intend to do some holiday shopping soon :-)
Grateful to you for getting me back on track of seeing the Sacred again.


Oh Carla...you're absolutely stunning! Happy month-long celebration to you. (:


Happy Birthday! You look 10 years younger than 44. Must be nice!


Happy Birthday Libra Girl! It sounds like its going to be an amazing month!

Angela Nolan

How absolutely divine! Gorgeous photo, Carla. Congratulations on your 2 years of sobriety and growing into a beautiful, solid woman comfortable with herself.


Happy Birthday!


I just wanted to wish you a belated Happy Birthday. You as always inspire me.


What a wonderful time...heck, LIFE! you are having. I was grinning all the way through this post.

Thanks for telling us all about it, and for just being Carla!

nita  from red tin heart

Are you sure your 44 and not 24? You look so very young! Love the photo, and so happy you had a great birthday, we should always celebrate us even if no one else does. xoxo Nita


Hey Carla, You look so serene and beautiful in your photo...Sending a hug because I'd really love to give you one right now! Beverly


I love being in my 40's! I say bring it on!!



Happy Birthday Carla! You amaze me. Great celebrating! So glad you didn't gift yourself dental work - that is insanity - but we all have our moments right and thanks for teaching us how to shift and truly give gifts to ourselves.


Sounds like it was an amazing day. Here's to an even more amazing year. (44...a 'master number') ;)


You look FABULOUS!!!!

annie lockhart

hey! i am so glad your birthday was wonderful! mine's coming up and i'm going to check out some of the suggestions that you got from everyone. i do love to visit here...what a difference you've made to so many. i look forward to stopping in here.


so glad to hear you are celebrating all month (of course, my vote is to celebrate for the whole year :-)) anyway, happy birthday. it was delightful to read about.


interesting idea thanks see u pornotub co

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