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Thursday, August 23, 2007




It works, thanks to Karen (yea!)...for Blogger folks, go to "Layout" and link in with:

Add third-party functionality or other code to your blog"

Then, paste the code listed above that starts with "". Position the logo wherever you like and it will link to Carla's site.

Thank you both Carla and Karen for the code and for providing a way to link in and connect,



Tonight I was feeling overwhelmed with graduate school. Finally I just stopped myself and went to read your blog. It made me feel not so alone and that I'm not the only one on this trajectory.


thank you dear karen for the gorgeous button! i got it on work on blogger, but i had to insert "" around the http address - wow! don't i sound techie???
i'm loving your posts carla - thank you!!!!


What a beautiful idea. Exactly where I need to turn my focus right now. I'll be joining you.


It's a great button and it's now the first thing on my sidebars!!
PS. Carla - this is a great journey and I am loving it. It's so eye opening and I am glad to be finally delving into the photography passion that I have had for so long. Thanks for your wonderful Project, which has added so much more to my experiences.


Count me in!

Literary bohemian

This sounds like a beautiful way to nurture gratitude for life. Count me in!


What a beautiful way to experience our Sacred Lives. Count me in.


I read about this over on art in the garage page and would like to give it a shot... though I don't think I can do it everyday; it might be more of a once a week kind of thing. looking forward to seeing everyone's spaces


What an amazingly wonderful idea! It's such a great way to focus on what is truly important. Yes, yes, yes...I'm in!


Hi -
I found you by way of 'Be Present Be Here' - Liz's blog. I have been participating in 'My Sacred Life' as well... It's a great idea and makes me see and appreciate my world differently. This is something I continually strive to do.


count me in sweetie :) i so love this recognizing the sacredness of your life ~ i have been looking around my home and life and connecting ever since your first mentioned this project, soooo wonderful ... xox

sheri leseberg

ok I would also like to join in


thanks for pulling this together.

the code works to put the image on the page but once clicked on it goes to an error page, this is what prevents it, the "

It won't allow me to put html in the comments

Laura West

Hi Carla,

I love your Sacred Life project! Please add me to your group of goddesses honoring their wonderful delicious lives!


Farfallina... a roam to Rome

Daisies mentioned your project and I felt immediately drawn in! :)

With the strenuous daily tasks of moving abroad and preparing for grad school, I would like to step aside and look at the beauty within my daily routine, and the elegance of simplicity :)

I'd like to be part of, as you say, "a softening" process :)


i'm reaching out and coming on board with this beautiful bit of mindfulness.
thank you for the invitation and for the inspiration.
i look forward to connecting more with my sacred life!

Cheryl Finley

Yes...another way to acknowledge our mindfulness & gratitude for living...essential elements for a wonder-filled & honored and joy-full life. I do this in many ways and will pay homage to your Sacred Life Project in my next blog post..and join in the lovely energy here.

Thank you!

Martha Garvey

What a lovely idea. This actually came up in my "Free Will Astrology" horoscope, too--the idea of slowing down each day, and cherishing.


Oh, this is so my type of thing!

Jennifer Boire

What a lovely way to remind ourselves of the sacred softness of life. I can't do anything regularly these days except feed the dog, cats, myself and husband, and sit down to practise being embraced within every morning (doesn't that make it sound nicer than 'meditating'?)
enjoy your sacred life posts, I'll keep reading, and stop by for poetry and musings at www.questinggirl.blogspot.ca or Musemother


Just found you. What a great idea! I have incorporated photography into my blog from the beginning and love what it has to say about where I am in my life.

Blessed be!


I love the idea of this project, finding the sacredness in everyday life. I am definitely inspired.


oh...i want to join!
this is such a great idea!


This sounds wonderful. I would love to participate.

liz smith

this is a wonderful idea--i'd love to take part


that is such a wonderful idea!


I would love to join as well.



Thanks for providing me an opportunity to get myself moving with the camera. I'll put the Sacred Life button on my blog and start the project tomorrow. I ordered a couple of candles for my sister's birthday today. Can't wait to hear from her - I know she'll love them. Thank you!

sharry teague

Hey, Carla, I love this idea. Count me in. Cheryl just pointed out this site. I'll add it to my list of links!


Novel Nymph


I found your loveliness from the equally lovely Daisies, and I am on for the long haul...



Awesome idea...definetely count me in!
I already put the little button my site. I am at


Tada!!!I got the button!! took me awhile but I did it.Persistance pays off. I will now begin my journey with you even though I have been following you all for awhile. Carla, hang in there..And this too shall pass.And the ear thing with the dog. Been there. It all heals :-)

don't eat alone

Please add me to the list.



Oooh, I'm supposed to leave a comment on THIS post. :) Would you kindly add me to the list (even though I'm late to the party)? Thank you for creating this project.


I am very much enjoying reading through the blogs and wanted to thank you for this amazing and beautiful idea. Please add me to the list.
Jon :)


oh i so believe in this project...count me in please...blessings, rebecca

Carla Sanders

Hello, Carla
I wandered over from Angela's via John's and had to see what fine things the other Carla is up to. Touching Art, my house at Typepad, is about the sacred life of an artist, so it is perfect to add your button. And if they button doesn't work, I'll just do a regular link. Let this open me up to posting every day-consciously- instead of twice a week.
Many blessings,


I have started...thank you for this!

april nance

I love this project and would love to be included! Thanks!


I want to partipate if it's not too late.
All that I've posted so far on my NEW/first ever blog is part of my spiritual joy in life.


adding my blog to the list


Message in a Bottle

cheers Krissie

annie lockhart

i love this idea...i'd like to join in!

Lani-Healing Expressions

Hello Carla....Finding your blog was synchronicity this morning! Such wonderful pleasures to be found here! I would love to participate in honoring the sacred! I look forward to posting soon!


hi carla,
i just learned about your project from annie lockharts blog, this is exactly what i need right now, i would love to be part of this as the shadow comforts are trying to take over....
thank you,


I have been thoroughly enjoying
the post and photos from your project as
I meander about - I am going to do this
one day each week - I think Sunday as
I love Sundays best:)



I love this idea. Love it. I know I probably won't do it everyday, but I will do it sometimes. Thanks for this!

Suzi Blu

I just found you and I lOve this site. You're inspiring me to make a video combining art and spirituality.
Beautiful beautiful beautiful. thank you for inspiring me today - suzi blu


This is a brilliant idea.
I'd like to participate and share sacred moments with you.

Here is my first post:





Coming late to the party...can I jump aboard? You completely inspire me, thanks for all you share.

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