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Saturday, August 18, 2007



what a beautiful post. the line, "This place loves you." made me cry. i'm not sure why.

patti digh

i've been tempted to go back to contacts myself, until i realized that the only thing holding up my eyelids was my glasses...gravity, damn it.


I'm in! Trying to take more photos and write more blog posts, so this might be the kick in the pants that I need.


i knew i HAD to read your blog today...
i suffered a stroke in may - at the age of 43!!! - i'm grieving... i'm healing... my recent post on my blog captures what i'm most grateful for - i am alive and i am loved!!! www.anna-world.blogpost.com
bless you, dear, gracious, beautiful carla!!


Quite simply.....you look beautiful w/o the eye 'armour'.



How wonderful for you that you've leap't over your writer's block! Did you read the blog post I did about you and A Slice of Life? (www.SpiritualAnecdotes.blogspot.com) Its very much like your "bloggy project" (weird to be on the same wave length!) The project sounds very cool - I'm in, too!

Love to you! Deb

Abbey of the Arts

what a lovely post Carla, and the photo is beautiful -- lovely eyes! I also love your idea of celebrating the sacred in the everyday through photos and will join you in this at least once a week for now. :-)


PS Claire! Its "blogspot.com" I switch 'em all the time too!

PPS Carla - you've always been beautiful!

eileen (the dream)

GREAT post, Carla. And what a gift to stay sober throughout the tough stuff of life, eh? Good for you on the contacts - wish I could go back down that road. Just not meant to be for me.


You gorgeous creature you! Absolutely stunning self-portrait. Count me in for 'My Sacred Life'. I could use a big ol' kick in the rear as well. Missing you...Lisa

liz elayne

beautiful you in this photo!
this post is such a comfort to me as i am up too early after not being able to sleep with too much whirling through my mind.
i love this idea...count me in!

Kikipotamus the Hobo

Yes, yes, count me in. Thank you for coordinating this for all of us! :)

Paula - Buenos Aires

Interesting project. It gives the chance to see daily things under a new light. I´ll share your path for a while. :)


I have just recently started doing the same thing. I have wanted to catch myself in different moods to really see what is there. To look from the outside in instead of always being caught up in the inside emotion. I had thought of blogging it, but as you know, my blogging has stalled right now. I would be interested in being involved. Are you doing it just within your own blog?


Annie, I'm so happy to see your name! I'll add you to the list so if you feel like participating, we can visit you. xoxo


you are so freaking beautiful in each and every way!! i would love to do your project but would like to start on the first of september :) it sounds like a wonderful thing to do for me ... xox


I'm in! I love the idea--

For me, the hardest part is stopping to LISTEN for that quiet little voice...


Carla, I want to join too - I've spent two days now indulging in too many shadow comforts. I need something simple to keep me from spiraling into a funk. I love your idea!


I can't believe that I am just now finding your blog! Count me in!


OKay i just found your blog about five minutes ago and your number one little healing earthquake brought me to tears...there are places i hate to be - the pain, the scars, the reality just too hard to deal with. This gave me hope that i can go back one day without the fear and anxiety...thank you for sharing that...


Very nice this blog =)

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