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Sunday, June 03, 2007



fabulous post and wonderful photo, carla!

i can hardly believe it's already been 3 months since elliot passed away. time really flies and so much has happened for you since!

i think it's awesome that you are doing this triathalon. doing events like that for the first time is scary, but it's also oh so empowering. wishing you luck in your training!


The boy digs his new job. You should hear him tell his buds about it. I think it's a great match for him. Thanks again :)


I found your blog just after Elliot passed, and I felt so connected because I was going through the same experience with my beloved Zoey dog. Tomorrow it will be 3 months since she passed and I miss her so much. But reading your blog has helped me. Can't tell you why, and I don't even know you, but I am comforted by your words. Thank you!


"I am reminded over and over again that my job is simply to show up, ask for help, do my part (often much smaller than I imagine) and let myself be cradled."

It can be soooo hard to remember this, yet it is so, so true.


I simply love you, Carly,


I really understand how you are feeling about Elliot, having lost my 17 year old cat in the same week you lost him. It's kind of harder now than it was then...she was truly the soul of my house.
There is a book called "Slow, Fat, Triathlete" that motivates me each time I sign up for a race. The author offers all kinds of great hints for triathlons and has always put me in the mindset to just have fun rather than be worried about competing.


I really like your last four words...
"...let myself be cradled". It's a nice way to think and to allow oneself to be supported by Spirit.
Much love,

Kathryn Knoll

You know all dogs go to heaven, and, actually, heaven is where you stand, so guess where Elliot is? Yes, I know, it's more comforting to actually feel the fur, but, think of it this way, the cradle you are experiencing is in the same "place" as Elliot. If you can experience that, you can actually feel Elliot. And, you my be surprized to find that the dog suit Elliot used to wear is way too confining for the huge, and I mean HUGE presence he really is. That gives me goose bumps! Love ya, Kathryn


that photograph is absolutely beautiful, the colour and the dof make my heart sing :)

i haven't done a triathlon in oh so many years, ahem .. in over a decade. wow. how absolutely wonderful ~ hmmmmmm ... you've definitely got me thinking. will be cheering you on from here ~ yah you :)

i love that you found a place for the earth to cradle you ~ much love ... xox

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