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Monday, May 28, 2007




Thank you for the link to this blog. I know there have been a lot of soldiers' blogs, but I haven't looked hard enough to find them. But this one really got to me--it put things in perspective for me. I have been moved to tears several times today. Here in Chicago, a display of over 3,000 pairs of soldiers boots have been strewn about Grant Park. Each pair with a story attached to it.

For this "liberal" it has not been about being against the war. It been about the soldiers and their families. And what they have given up. It makes all of our problems seem small.


Thank you Zena.

Then what?

We continue working to bring the troops home and take care of them when they get here.


i have no words but my heart is nodding in agreement ~ thank you for sharing these links.

eileen (the dream)

Will the madness ever end?
I'm with you on the list of intentions ... sadly and insanely, it doesn't seem to matter what the majority of the American people have to say about this.

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