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Monday, April 30, 2007



I'd like to point out that none of your employees quit or moved away, YOU LEFT US!

I expect compensation in the form of a weekend in your home.


I know. :( You are welcome to stay here ANYTIME for a weekend or forever! I miss & love you, CHRiS!

eileen (the dream)

Carla - Back in the groove candle creator!
I was unable to get past billing and shipping info. Just wanted to let you know. Candles to order ... oh yeah, they're my fave! Will check back tomorrow.

liz elayne

so glad you are feeling in your groove as things start to get a bit "back to normal"

happy spring to you! we had a gorgeous day too. our windows are still open (though i think jon is cold...i am LOVING it!)


Hi Girl!

It is Kate, from days gone by. For some reason, I just felt the urge to look up your site today and came across your blog/musings. Well, first, my heart goes out to you for the passing of Elliot. I remember coming to your house in Seattle and being so happy to be around dogs. It was so fun to be around Ranger and Elliot and they were such wonderful kids! I did not know many people there that had dogs and I was so excited to be able to spend time with them. I just looked at your gallery of Elliot photos and they were so beautiful. And your new house...what a jewel! I am trying to find a humble abode myself and boy, do I wish I could find something like that here in MD/DC/VA...no luck so far but keep trying.

Your "musings" are just amazing. And your photos are beautiful...is there anything you can't do???? It sounds like you have had many huge changes in your life but, as always, you are learning and growing from your experiences and continue to be an inspiration to women, well, men and everyone, with your determination and honest approach to life.

I wish all the best on your new journey and will light a candle to help you find your way.

PS....i quit corporate america too and now work for a small company that has no meetings, no reviews, donuts everyday, gay men, single women and a joke of the day from our boss first thing in the morning. My poochies, Beau and Belle (black and tan coonhounds that look like dobies but probably are not as smart...Beau eats sauerkraut and rotten tofu and Belle gets stuck under the bed) give you licks and woofs and have fallen in love with Silas and Lucy.

Here is something I wrote after my mom passed away 2 years ago and the beasties got me through it...

My puppies are here beside me

Blankets of furry warmth

Gathered ‘round me

As close and tight

As a winter tick.

I hold their ears --

A long length of velvet, a journey,

A road

That leads me

To some lost dream of childhood

And chilly walks at midnight

Through endless drifts

of snow.

patti digh

congratulations on your new home, site, place, life, heart. the first thing I'm going to do when I get my book advance (!) is visit your site and buy me some candles to keep me company during the writing.... ;-)


Hurrah and a big warm congratulations!!!!

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