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Wednesday, April 25, 2007



ha, the third one struck a chord for me. thanks for the reminder! (((Hugs))))

Julie Rose

Can't tell you how timely your list is. Thanks for sharing.


i need to write down that list and post it so that i can see it every day !! have fun tomorrow : )


I wrote about the same "lying voice" a couple of posts ago. It was titled self-worth and I was/am learning how to value myself and to know that I am worthy. It was good to come across your understandings of the same issue today!
I loved the quote! Very funny! And so true!
So glad you were able to reach out and find love and support.


You should TOTALLY make a "get off the pity pot" candle. I don't think there is a single person who couldn't use that at one point or another. ;o) One of these days we will learn to ignore that evil little gremlin that sits on our shoulder and tells us these things.

Hope you are settling in OK - despite the gremlin!

eileen (the dream)

you're NEVER alone, miss carla!
to borrow from gump and make it my own: "fucked is as fucked does"

great quote, by the way!

hope all goes well with the new worker bees and the visit with man and dog.


I'm a newbie that was drawn to your site in search of inner joy. I'm here to give back a little of what you've given me.
This will make you feel better I hope.

Even as chaos surrounds you, know this
Someone is wishing they were you

Even as the darkness of confusion blanket your eyes, know this
Someone is watching and emulating your moves

Even as your heart is filled with despair, know this
You fill other's hearts with hope

Just know that other people are rooting for you. The good guy always wins in the end. For spiritual inspiration again, my suggestion is to watch "The Secret" on DVD if you haven't. It's a great reminder that our world is what we make of it. And when you feel alone, remember someone in Kansas thinks you're their hero.
D from Kansas


Make the candle. Make the candle. This is so great. I buy your candles all the time! I love them. this one would be so awesome, and hit folks right square in the heart!


hey courageous one,

i wanted to add my thank you's to all these other yummy replies.

thank you for continuing to open your heart to others.

thank you for sharing your pleasures and your pains as it allows us to take a closer look within at our own.

thank you for continuing to create more than just wicks and sticks. (:

i hope yesterday went oh-so superb for you and your new employees. i wonder if they know already how lucky they are to be working with you. i suspect they do.

love you!


Oh, man, those 3 reminders are fantastic. So true. Definitely make that candle.

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