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Thursday, March 15, 2007



beautiful candles, carla!! i love the authenticity one and the quote to go with it. i was just talking about this idea tonight with the fiansor. dr. seuss says it so well!

i love all the beautiful ideas you come up with for candles!!


So glad you posted these, especially the first quote. A good reminder!

Ms. Strega

These are beautiful candles! I have so many of your candles now--they decorate my altar and my writing desk, and lighting one always seems to inspire me.


Couldn't say it better than Ms. Strega did above. Thanks for all you do, Carla!

Eileen Miller

Hey, sorry about yoour Zags!
LOVE your candles!!! I'm psyched to receive my next order - one is for my Al-anon soonsor, one for a sponsee, and of course, one for me. More is better, right?

Christina Frei

Carla -
I love how you're using your current situation as creative fuel. You inspire me to do the same. I can't seem to get off carbs, and have a constant headache, and it's occured to me that something must be ready to be expressed. hm...


Right on right on right on right on!!! I love the Dr. Seuss quote. I've had it as my scrolling screen saver at work. Happy birthday, new candles!

liz elayne

these make me so happy...
i can't wait to breathe in the mango...

emerson and seuss - those guys sure knew how to live.

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