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Friday, March 02, 2007


Eileen Miller

So nice to go through the photo album of Elliot. Our boy Willie looked so similar, except that he was black. Same markings, same barky face, same gift for unwrapping his own presents, and same "ear-do." I love the shot where Elliot has the grass on his nose. I gotta believe that dogs DO go to heaven. The candles arrived today - thanks for the freebie, too. Very cool. Peace.

liz elayne

beautiful photo of your dear friend.
i send you peace today...


What a beautiful boy, what a beautiful life! Blessings and love to you all,



Bless you all. Thank you for sharing the photos - what a beautiful boy!


I am so sorry, Carla. As I am sitting here with tears streaming down my face, you would think that it was Jessie who crossed. Elliott was very special.
At least he crossed in loving arms.
You are in our thoughts.

Christina Arbini

Dear Carla,

I'm so very sorry for your loss. Pets are so much more than that. They are members of our families. I'm so glad you had 17 years with him and I know how deeply you will miss him. Just know he will always be with you...watching over you and Bryon. In a still, quiet moment, you'll know he's there. :-) Thinking of you and sending big hugs!


Kate I

To loose such a sweet friend is so very sad and my heart goes out to you Carla. Thinking of you and sending hugs.


i'm so sorry for your loss, my love. sending you an enormous hug, and wishing i could come over and make you cups of soothing tea xxo

Nanci Clark

I'm so very sorry for you loss. Pets are God's gift to us of unconditional love, they always see the best in us no matter what we see in ourselves. I've been where you are and still miss my bestest friend Sunny everyday. Keep in your heart that Silas will be the first to greet you, whole and happy, tail wagging when it is your time. Heaven would not be Heaven without those that loved us best.


The photo album was priceless.... I think my favorites were of him eating water and sitting in the flower pot. My childhood dog who lived to 15 years old used to plant his bottom wherever his legs gave out, and his little face would just keep on smiling. Pets are truly priceless, each one unique and irreplaceable. Elliott will be loved and remembered forever.... thank you for sharing him with us. And I'm hugging you in my thoughts.


Hi Carla,

I am sending my thoughts & prayers to you right now. I understand all too well what you are going through right now. I recently lost my beloved cat (Goldie) after being her mama for 18 years. I too had to make the decision to let her go and it was one of the hardest things I've ever done. I miss her terribly. You can take comfort in knowing that she is up there showing Elliott the ropes - she was great!

Your friend in NC,

Sonja Overstreet


There has to be a special afterworld for our dogs and they run and run, powered by our love and chase memories like balls thrown across emerald meadows and they bring them back to us every night while we sleep.


Thank you for your generous sharing with all of us. I love every photo and every look that you allow us to see of Elliott.

I found Pam Houston's book "Sight Hound" to be an accurate view of the human/canine connection.

The quote below is from Dante, Pam's wolfhound written in the first person:

"There are three principles to remember if you are to teach a human being anything, and they are consistency, consistency, consistency. They are such fragile creatures to begin with, with poor eyes, poorer hearing and no sense of smell left to speak of, it’s no wonder they are made of fear. Some centuries ago they moved inside and with that move went nine tenths of their intuition. It is almost unmerciful to make them live so long when they spend their lives in so much pain."

I am sending you love from the depth of all beings who walk this earth and have been blessed to have the good dogs share the path, show the way and cause our hearts to break open in the process.

My heart is with you.


Elliott thanks you and B for holding him while he left for the spirit world.
Love to you,

Bette Wappner

What precious words, thoughts, photos. I too am sitting here with streaming tears. I promise to love my little westie-poo Bailey more than I ever have. You have been soooo blessed and so has Elliott.
Blessings and Hugs for all you are going through.
Bette from Christine's Abbey of the Arts Blog and now following "Finding Water".


I am so sorry...I've been away from Zena Moon, and I just found out. Big dog love to you, and condolences.

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